Virgin's iPad 'Project' goes free as app subscriptions fail to materialize



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    I don't see that cola in stores anymore.

    True not much of that cola around and no doubt a bit embarrassing at the time but he's aiming for a majority of ideas to succeed not all of them. In practice, several Virgin businesses fail each year while the good ones help pay for the rest.
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    Branson has an excellent track record, so I trust he'll make it work or put a stop to it rather quickly.

    I hope he gives it a try before giving up on the idea completely. There's clearly fertile ground here in the IPad media market. People are not done making boatloads of money for being creative.
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    I've downloaded the content. Some interesting ideas, but pretty buggy. App crashes on my iPad regularly.
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    Originally Posted by jb510 View Post

    Interavity #fail Seriously you want me to pay a premium to wipe digital dirt off the screen and watch more obtrusive interactive ads? There are fabulous things that can be done with this device, this however isn't one of them.

    Precisely. Is there anything they're doing that truly benefits from a custom app. Yes, the eye candy and gimmicky interaction is improved, but what about the user experience? So far ive yet to see any magazine apps that are actually better than a website. A well designed stylesheet would be my preference. And yet we are expected to pay for the gimmicky but inferior experience. I predict continued fail.
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    Originally Posted by city View Post

    I don't see that cola in stores anymore.

    "Branson Cola"? Never heard of it.
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