iWeb's not going away is it?

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I have my work portfolio on iWeb, and a few other sites and am about to start another site, and wanted to check something:

I read somewhere about there not being recent updates for iWeb, and wanted to make sure that nothing drastic is changing, basically that iWeb is still going strong and will be around for a good long time.

Anybody know the current iWeb story? Thanks.


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    I see no reason to think it might go away.

    True, it hasn't been updated recently, but it does what it was designed to do just fine. (Make simple websites.)

    They used to have a web-based site maker (homepage.mac.com). When they shut that down, they gave over a years notice to all users to allow them to transition to the web.me.com servers.
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    Thanks. I guess I was wondering if I was just reading/misreading some rumors that since iWeb hadn't been updated recently, apple may at some point stop hosting the iWeb sites, and I'd need to get them hosted elsewhere. Don't want to start any rumours here!! Just wondering if anyone had heard anything like that.
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    In fact, the homepage.mac.com service that they shut down a couple years ago is still hosted. The web-site creator tools are no longer available, but the space is still there and anything you created prior to the shutdown is still available at the same address. Still editable too, if you know how to do it without Apple's tools. (Assuming you kept your .mac/.me account current.)

    I guess my point is that Apple's history in this field doesn't lead one to believe you will loose your web site space in the foreseeable future.
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