Verizon iPhone 4 shipments on track for early Feb. 7 delivery



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    Our friend at UPS dropped of the iPhone a little after 10:00. Activated and synched with my playlist with no problem. I'll have to delete some of the apps my girls downloaded to the iPod Touch. Great experience. DId drop a call in a wiring closet which I have had issues in previously, so no surprise. Good, crisp voice and data works well.

    Our area's Verizon network is more reliable than AT&T. If I were still in FL it I would have had an iPhone for a while. It just goes to remind us that different markets have their strong carriers. The simultaneous voice and data for an AT&T user might be difficult to get through, I am used to it. My email finished synching after my first call with the wife.

    Hopefully the next revision for VZ will utilize the newer CDMA standards that allow for voice and data together. If it does, my wife's next phone will be this one and I will pick up the new iPhone for me.

    Congrats to all who have received their phones and to those in waiting knowing that as a VZ customer our wait is over.
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    Originally Posted by shadash View Post

    They never advertised that. It was always going to ship on February 10. So per the agreement you made with them by buying the phone, the soonest you could expect it to ship was next Thursday. If they get it to you earlier that is a bonus, not something they told you they would do or that you should expect. How shipping it when they told you it would ship makes Apple like Big Brother or Microsoft isn't clear to me. On a related note, Apple fans will really find anything to bitch about, won't they.

    You are incorrect. As I said, Apple clearly posted on their website that existing Verizon customers who pre-ordered on Feb. 3 would receive free delivery on or before Feb. 10...

    Verizon didn't state "on or before" but who cares, mine came from Verizon today. Nice bonus!
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    Originally Posted by NShirkey View Post

    You are incorrect. As I said, Apple clearly posted on their website that pre-orders made on Feb. 3 would ship on or before Feb. 10...

    Verizon didn't state "on or before" but who cares, mine came from Verizon today. Nice bonus!

    I stand corrected. I just got mine this morning too. So glad I waited. I went from 0-1 bars with AT&T to 4-5 bars at my house.
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    Received mine first thing this AM, here in CA.
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    Got mine in Florida @ 9 a.m. this morning!

    I had ordered @ 2:50 a.m. Eastern time through Verizon wireless/existing customer who has been waiting for Iphone V since they took over my Altell!!!
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    I ordered mine about 9:30AM CST Thursday morning.

    West Chester, PA, United States \t02/07/2011 \t11:25 A.M. \tDeparture Scan

    It doesn't give an estimated delivery date, but I assume I will see it tomorrow.
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    Ordered mine on Thursday, got an e-mail with in 3 hours saying my order had been shipped. 2 Days latter I got another e-mail saying that FedEx just picked it up and this morning the FedEx tracking page said its on the FedEx truck for delivery by 3pm.
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    FedEx, up to their old tricks...

    ...Tracking didn't list on truck for delivery until after noon today, even though it showed up locally last night. Ever wonder what happens when they don't get there by their listed deadline time? The deadline just disappears. I guess I can expect delivery between now and 7pm. Supposedly they're having tracking problems as well.
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    My Moms just showed up, and I live a couple miles away. So it should be here any minute now.
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    Originally Posted by vziphonefanboy View Post

    Mine has arrived WOOT! only 1 more hour at work. and I get to fire it up. Had my wife throw it on the charger for me.

    Me and my neighbors iphones were ordered in the wee hours on the 3rd, both arrived Monday.
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