Mysterious 'ix.Mac.MarketingName' listed as supported Apple device for iOS apps



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    Personally I think OS X Lion and iOS 5 will be able to run the same application, buy once, run on any OS X device or machine. OS X already supports multiple CPU architectures in the same app and iOS already supports multiple UI modes (iPhone/iPad) and Lion will also (normal/full screen). It is not hard to imagine combining all of them into a single application bundle to support a multitude of Apple products.
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    Originally Posted by Cpsro View Post

    It's the A4 emulator with iOS for the rest of us, to run under Lion. Running iOS apps on a Mac won't be just for developers any more.

    That was my first thought too. Although I think the Apple TV idea is probably more likely. Apple could use this as an entry point for introducing touchscreen Macs. I suppose in the meantime, these would work with trackpads and mice.
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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Oh, no. Ixians are evil. They want to take all your spice.


    Just ramp up the production man. The spice must flow!

    (Couldn't resist)
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    I think the monkier of iX is interesting. iOS + Mac OS X.... condense that to iX.

    Also, it wouldn't surprise me if they did start to allow apps for the aTV. If they pulled off both, that would be a grand slam!
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    I haven't seen Daniel the Brat's articles on AI for a while. This is plain wrong! I would like to see AppleInsider and RoughlyDrafted Magazine to enter into a co-marketing agreement. That way we can "Distort the Reality further and Tell People to Think Different" and buy more Apple products. That's my Grand Scheme.

    And every iFan on the Planet has to own at least one Mac, there's no excuse!

    "Macintosh. Insanely Great!"

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    Originally Posted by Nobodyy View Post

    Not sure about the Apple TV reference. The first thing I thought of was Apple merging the iOS App Store and Mac App Store together.

    Maybe I am just crazy but it would make things more intrgrated in my opinion, and I don't see why the iOS app store should be a part of iTunes other than the syncing, but there is no reason iTunes can't pull from the App Store app (at least on OS X).

    They won't pull the two stores together if only because of the difference in compatibility. What they might do (in keeping with your question about it being part of itunes) is pull the store out on the web or as a separate app similar to the Mac App Store. Because you are right, there is really no absolute reason for it to be in itunes. Not even syncing must be in iTunes on the Mac. They could make devices appear as an icon on your screen and then when you 'open' it you get the sync screens. Take itunes back to being a player and manager

    As for this glitch, yes it is a glitch. No way did Apple mean for it to show up. My guess is that they are going to fulfill Steve's "when the time is right" and allow developers to make apps for the Apple TV. But the catch is that it must be made for the ATV. None of this allowing every app to work like they do iphone to ipad (many of which look like caca). The focus will likely be video viewing apps like hulu, game apps where a smaller device can be a controller, drawing etc app (again your iphone or ipad is your control and the ATV-TV is the display)

    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Personally, I’d like to see the Mac App Store and Mac’s Software Update merge into one since both are installed and run on Macs.

    Well you are getting your wish. The death of Software Update is part of why MAS exists and why Apple is slowing moving to that as their software release channel. I predict that within 2 years Apple will have even OS updates on there. You'll have a CD or locked flash drive with the build that came on your computer for emergencies but otherwise it's all MAS. Basically just like your iphone etc. Then they don't have to worry about folks going and buying the $29 upgrade for their 10.4 machines when they really wanted you to buy the higher priced one so they can get some of the money they should have from you buying 10.5.

    So they start releasing only on MAS (no disks in stores) and folks will have to upgrade to at least 10.6 and then beyond to get new stuff and since the updates are within MAS there's no need for Software Update which only covered Apple stuff anyway. It will go bye bye perhaps even as early as Lion.

    This year will likely be the last time you can get things like FCS and Logic in stores and they might even do it online only. Then they can, as has been rumored, cut back their shelf place for software and use it for other things. Plus I heard (or rather overheard) at one of the LA stores that Final Cut and Logic Studios plus Aperture are the biggest shoplifting targets in stores. Putting them MAS/disks by online order only drops that concern pretty fast so it's another win
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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    A number of universal applications...


    The unknown product "ix.Mac.MarketingName" does not appear on all universal App Store applications, as MyVoice Communication Aid, which relies on GPS data and voice input, and Bing for iPad, which is not a universal application, do not include the listing.

    Since these are not universal apps and do not include the listing, why are they mentioned in the article?

    Is AI plugging for Bing now?

    Product placement?

    Bing is not universal and does not have this "mysterious" Apple product name in it, yet in the middle of an article about universal apps having a mysterious Apple product name, Bing is mentioned.

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    rhyderhyde Posts: 294member
    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post


    Never buy a 1.0 Apple Product... wait for the bugs to be worked out in version 2

    Yeah, but isn't version iX = 9?
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    luphluph Posts: 14member

    The long awaited xMac is here!!
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    myapplelovemyapplelove Posts: 1,515member
    Hard for anyone to make an informed guess here, if this does mean anything at all in terms of products that is.

    Sent from my ix.Mac.MarketingName.
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    They could make devices appear as an icon on your screen and then when you 'open' it you get the sync screens. Take itunes back to being a player and manager.

    I love that idea. iTunes is pretty bloated as it is and pulling the device out of iTunes could help to eventually move iOS-based devices out of the “nest” as they evolve in their capabilities and functions. This does would disconnect Windows and Macs from working the same which is why I think allowing the option for access via iTunes would still be warranted. Plus, there are a few features that simply can’t be met without iTunes, even if they are regulated to the fringe users.

    Here is my mockups. Don’t make fun it’s the extent of my abilities.

    You'll have a CD or locked flash drive with the build that came on your computer for emergencies but otherwise it's all MAS.

    I wonder if future Macs will come with an external Restore Disc at all after Lion drops. In case you are unaware the Lion download no longer happens from You only go there to get the Redeem Code which is then submitted and downloaded from MAS. The "Install Mac OS” file is placed in /Applications and can be installed from the very partition you are using.

    The installer also creates a hidden, 750MB partition which works exactly as the Restore Disc would work if you needed to run Disk Utility, Firmware Lock, Password Reset, etc. on your machine.

    I wonder if they’ll just forego the extra HW altogether and just make the partition 5GB so you could do a complete restore from that hidden partition. Sure, if the drive breaks you are SoL, but from Apple’s PoV consumers are likely to send or bring in a broken Mac and very few people are changing their own HDDs. They have shrunk the OS since Leopard so in a way we’re actually better off than before.

    The other issue is SSD sizes where 64GB is standard on MBAs. I guess those can get the USB flash drive but it won’t be long before 128GB is standard for the same price and at that point I don’t think 5GB is going to be a big deal to most users. That said, I think they’ll likely still keep it in /Applications as “Install Mac OS” not in the hidden partition.
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    Originally Posted by boriscleto View Post

    But have you ever seen an Ixian female?

    Yeah, there used to be lots of them. Before the Bene Tleilax took over.
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    Apple TV as the ix device would seem strange, unless apple is going to sell a touch-based TV to go with it (which i don't thinking anybody would want). And i doubt it's a mac because iOS apps are designed for a touch-interface.

    How about the iPhone mini? Or the iMac patent with the touch panel you can adjust?

    Very interesting.
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    The plot thickens..... 'ix' is also a Mayan word for jaguar.
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    My guess is that they are going allow developers to bundle Mac and iOS apps together as a universal application.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    "iPad 2"

    And we have a winner!
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    The plot thickens..... 'ix' is also a Mayan word for jaguar.

    Based on all current usage as detailed by Wikipedia I?d choose the medical abbreviation meaning ?Investigations? as the most likely of the bunch. My reasoning is that this might be a skunks works project where they are simply investigating.
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    mcdavemcdave Posts: 1,927member
    ATV development's a possibility but why the "mac" reference?

    Perhaps this is more evidence of the Mac/iDevice fusion. Definitely at a marketing/retail level (the App/Mac App Stores are both underpinned by iTunes) but the questions is, is it at a technical level?

    Universal iOS Apps already allow the same Xcode project to hold different controller classes for iPhone/iPad versions whilst accessing the same functional 'backend' classes. You can add a Mac target to the same project (which automatically adds the Cocoa framework) though I've never built a universal OSX/iOS App and don't even know if its possible. Remember iOS is OSX-mobile and incorporates many of the same frameworks. Is this a clue to the further, technical integration of two?

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    cgc0202cgc0202 Posts: 624member
    My wish, since I first saw the original iPad is that Apple creates a truly portable Mac device -- it has a fully functional Mac OSX, e.g., the Lion) but has the more efficient form factor of the iPad.

    Clam shell form. This mean abandoning the "clam shell" form factor of the current MacBookPros, and MacBook Air. In the next more radical iteration, they become the next iteration of Apple's notebooks. It is not really the most convenient form for portable devices. This new Mac form factor will have a touch screen, and a screen-based keyboard for most simple tasks. Just like the iPad, the physical keyboard would be separate for more serious work.

    Larger screens than the iPad. The IPad is nice for portability but 9.7" should not be the upper limit. It will then be able to serve as a portable communication systems, via internet telephony -- bypassing telecom companies to an extent (or Apple could buy in bulk telecom time from them, just like smaller telecom companies).

    Camera tech analogy. In the camera technology, there are "consumer", "prosumer" and "professional" specific cameras. the iPad (using the usual iOS) will be most suitable for most consumers. At the other end, the desktop versions of the Mac OSX computers will cater to the needs of more intensive computing tasks.

    New iX device.
    The truly unibody portable Mac computer with the form factor of the iPad will be more equivalnet to the "Prosumer" mobile computing device. It is a hybrid that will allow more serious work that can run more powerful applications and then the initial work done on devices like this ports seamlessly with Office or home-based more powerful Mac computers.

    For fun and creativity. The hybrid aspect of this new form factor of a truly unibody Msc OSX device is that it has been reconfigured to be able to tap into iOS Apps, maybe more related to the iOS Apps created specifically for the larger iPad.

    Even lighter than MacBook Air. With advent of cloud-based data storage and Apps Store based source of applications, the basic diskdrive may be smaller and other drives may be removed. Also, it will adopt a more streamelined features of the iPad, like its lighter skin wrapper, more efficient batteres, etc.

    Wifi-3G/4G connectivity It will also have not only wifi but also 3G/4G connectivity like the iPad, to make it truly portable.

    Not really. Take into consideration that both the Apple mouse and the trackpad in MacBookPros and MacBook Air are already able to use touch base navigation. In a prior presentation of Steve Jobs, he also stated that Apple has been trying to integrate iOS touch features into Mac OSX devices, e.g., a revised iMac screen or perhaps Notebooks? but the current form factors of both the iMacs and the MacBooks are just not the most suited to the touch-base interavtivity in iOS devices.

    One solution to the aforementioned dificulty is to adopt the iPad form factor, but then use a native OSX as the operating system. It may also use the "hybrid screen" patented by Apple that has both the eReader and more complex touch-screen rich features integrated. There is no reason why the mouse need be elimiated in this new device, since there are still task where the mouse or a stylus is much better than the touch interface interactivity.

    Not sure if the "mystery device" would be what I have been wishing for. I hope however that Apple is working on such a hybrid device -- truly as portable as the iPad but has the power of the more robust Mac OSX.

    This envisioned device would have the best of both worlds of the iOS and the OSX, thus perhaps, the moniker "iX" :

    "It is not an iPad, it is not a Mac" -- it is both, it is an iX device."

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