Does buying a new MacBook with Lion enable me to upgrade all my other Macs to Lion?

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I think I heard that when you purchase Lion via the Mac App Store you can install it on all your Macs since it's tied to your iTunes account. If I buy a new MacBook Air with Lion can I then upgrade my iMac as well? Does anyone know how this would work? DO I have to somehow register the copy of Lion I get with the MacBook with my iTunes acct?

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    I was also wondering this, as I plan on buying a new mac very soon. If I like Lion, I may want it to also be on my MBP....but I"m surprised at reading some people are not liking it......I'm guessing I will, but I think I need to use it a bit first before committing.

    If it is all it is cracked up to be, it may be worth buying it at that good price, but would I even need to if it came with the new mac? If I bought the new mac yesterday lion would have come from the App store, and I would have been able, (I believe) to install it on my other mac.

    Thanks, Frank
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    dcorbandcorban Posts: 58member
    I bought a new MBA and I can answer this.

    It appears that the App Store does not treat the pre-installed Lion as an "App". You cannot use it to install on your other computers. In fact, the store doesn't even allow a pre-installed Lion to re-download Lion from the App Store if you purchased Lion separately, not even using the "hold option key" method. It gives an error that the new Mac cannot install that version of Lion.

    However, the new computer does register iLife 11 on your app store account, and you can install those apps on all of your computers.
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