Apple testing Mac OS X 10.7.2 alongside iCloud for Lion beta 5



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    Originally Posted by MacVertigo View Post

    I'm running 10.7.2 with iTunes 10.5 beta 2. After I installed 10.7.2 itunes took forever to load. This beta seems a bit slower than 10.7 GM. No bugs so far.. but I'm only 30 minutes in.

    iTunes is beta 4 now...
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    ... and not I'm up to date.. beta 4. I'm not sure how I missed that!
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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    I know it is frustrating for you but Apple has had nothing to do with the incredibly complex issues involved with copyrighted works in Europe. If you want change go after your governments to stand up to the Unions, Associations and big corporations that gave created the copyright mess in Europe.

    Mind you it was Europe that gave the world the stupid concept of extending a copyright 75 years beyond a persons death.

    You are right to be upset but until you demand a clear up of this mess by the government it will only get worst. There is little Apple can do about it.

    What the heck do Unions and "associations" have to do with it?

    It's big labels -- that's who owns the lions share of copyrights, the only thing a Union might do is fight for the actual TALENT getting some money.

    >> In my opinion, the problem is pretty simple; there are a lot of countries and different rules that make up Europe. There are different languages and way's of doing things. The USA was the first because it was the largest area of profit with the most homogenous way of doing things -- NOT the easiest by a long stretch.

    Apple has the huge burden of paving the way, and trying to come up with a consensus, so that iTunes doesn't change rules and prices when you go 100 miles in any direction -- that is a HUGE undertaking. And so far they've been amazingly successful.

    It's just going to take time...
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    Originally Posted by cloudgazer View Post

    Contrary to your bizarre claims EU copyright law is actually mostly harmonized but that's neither here nor there. Historically distribution rights have been granted on a national basis, so existing rights for a work will rest with different publishers in different EU member states. There's no amount of EU regulation going to change that because to change it would imply changing previous contracts.

    If a law is based on a treaty signed in 1886 there must be a reason. Read on in wikipedia and you will read the following:

    "under the provisions of Article 36 which allows for restrictions on trade between Member States if justified by the protection of industrial and commercial property (including copyright)?. Now, why would that be?
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