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    Originally Posted by Parttimer View Post

    It turns out HTML 5 brings its own set of problems to the table.

    Why not just use a VPN to stay completely safe? Oh right, because the software on the user-end knows everything about what you're doing and communicates it back to the server.

    This issue could be solved by a browser in that it can inform you that cookies were installed or local storage used and do you want to approve it. If not, it can flush all data that is not approved. It can tell you where it was installed from and you can block those sites.

    If enough sites are exposed doing this, people will complain, they will be fined and they will stop.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    That would rock. Being able to selectively say, "No, you can't store cookies. Yes, you can store cookies." for every site instead of a blanket "Yes to all/Yes to first-party/No" would be great.
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