Apple's iPhone 5 rumored with metal chassis, less than 4-inch screen



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    In related news, Porsche 911 to eschew the boxer-6 motor in favor of the 4-banger used in the 1981 Ford Pinto.
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    I would *REALLY* like a larger screen in THIS year's model...
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    mdcatmdcat Posts: 79member
    I have neither an iPhone nor iPad, just a MacMini, Powerbook, and Macbook Pro, but I was very tempted to buy the iPhone5 as previously rumored because it reportedly supports CDMA and GSM, and Verizon has a good deal for senior citizens.

    But a small screen might be a deal-killer for me. I don't have the habit of multi-touch gestures and don't care to use a tiny virtual keyboard with my fat fingers, but was willing to set that aside to try web browsing on a smartphone. But not on a 3.5" screen.

    Now if the iPad could make calls on CDMA and GSM networks....but that'd cannibalize iPhone sales.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    The same way they did it with the first-gen iPhone.

    Seriously, are you people intentionally being dense? An entirely metal back would be LiquidMetal, which is radio transparent.

    I have searched the LiquidMetal website and reviewed the published properties however I was unable to find any reference to radio transparency. In fact it is described as being an electrical conductor. Do you have any links or documentation to support your comments? Just asking because your posts always come off as as if you are an authoritative expert on every topic.
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    tjwaltjwal Posts: 404member
    That's the only way a smart phone can look, just ask Samsung.
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    In other words;

    "In a surprising turn of events -- there were no surprises."

    >> But seriously, I think that Apple will be releasing a low end and a high end model -- so the iPhone 5 may NOT be exactly like reported here. The iPhone 5 won't release until it has some significant improvements over the iPhone 4.

    I figure that it will have wireless streaming of video output so that traveling salesmen can show presentations and mom and dad can show their vacations in an easy to use manner -- but that seems to be a big feature in iOS 5 -- so it should be kind of obvious.

    But that means better graphics hardware in the iPhone to keep up with the iPad.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    It is not as easy as increasing the screen size. There are issues related to applications being properly programmed for the new resolution.

    Originally Posted by rtm135 View Post

    Unless you're a chick, it should fit.

    I've been looking at the new Android phones with the 4.5 AMOLED screens and they look gorgeous. Hopefully Apple takes a design cue from these.

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    Originally Posted by TBell View Post

    It is not as easy as increasing the screen size. There are issues related to applications being properly programmed for the new resolution.

    no chance the resolution changes, just the screen size. meaning no issues for developers.
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    Originally Posted by XamaX View Post

    Wow, I just watched the so-called bogus video and there's nothing bogus about it

    Me wants one! Gotta have one! Argh

    I'm thinking that the angled top & bottom on the back of the camera would make it a lot easier to slip into pockets (or protectors). On the other hand, does that really leave enough space for the camera and flash components at the top of the phone? It doesn't look like it, and the pix on YouTube aren't quality enough to see how 'they' (Apple, or the fakers) handled the lens/back interface.
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