Sprint rumored to retain unlimited data plans after iPhone 5 arrives



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    Fallacious assumption: you assume that just because I choose to have my data ported to my ipad that I will use more data - wrong. You also assume (perhaps not) that it costs more to tether (it doesn't, and only uses a bit more battery life from the tethering device, so I'm told). I use MyWi tethering exclusively to get weather nexrad images just before flights.

    I can feel your blood pressure rising so I don't want to get you even more upset but I think there is a direct correlation between the amount of data that is used and the type of device using it. For example most people would not enjoy watching feature length movies on an iPhone however a tethered iPad or notebook might be quite pleasant to view the movie on. Therefore, AT&T has verified that indeed tethered devices tend to use more data. Another example is that finger input is clumsy on the tiny screen of a phone so users aren't likely to use it for prolonged periods. Quite the contrary for larger, faster devices, they will typically use much more data because it is easier to do. I'm not saying these examples match your browsing style but it is true for the majority of AT&T customers.
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    Sprint can allow Unlimited Plans....they keep losing customers each month...plenty of capacity over there.
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    Unlimited for $99pm? What?
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    Unlimited for $99pm? What?

    I'm confused at why you're confused.

    Unlimited [insert content type here] for ninety-nine dollars per month.

    Normally you'd see it written "$99/month" or just written out as "$99 per month", but whatever; pretending to be able to use a time suffix as an acronym works, too.
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