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Hi guys got my Imac a 24" 2.8cpu and it's great! Learning so much just playing around but one thing has me beat. I have Windows xp and Windows 7 machines on a network and they can see the mac but the mac can't see them. After many hours on Google I can't work it out. I have Snow Leopard and am running a VNC program that see's my download box and I can ping any of the ip's on my network. If I go to network on the mac it's has no PC's listed. No system's showing up at all. Thanks in advance guys.



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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    ensure bonjour is running on the windows boxes.
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    bbwi thank you so much!! Put bonjour on one pc and the rest showed up!! Funny tho one of the pc's has itunes which I thought had bonjour in it. Again thank you so much!!

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