Apple's Siri personal assistant a driving force in selling iPhone 4S



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    I suspect that is why it is called a beta. Apple focused on its home turf first. In the US, the experience it great. I had been using unlocked phones on T-Mobile. Siri brought me to AT&T for a contract. I will miss you though T-Mobile.

    You can actually have a whole conversation with it.

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    Siri is far less impressive in the UK. Although it's supposed to understand standard English, and I have a non accented English accent, it's accuracy is very unimpressive. I'd estimate 50%, tops.

    Worse, many of siri's features are US only.

    It feels half baked at best, and for an Apple product, that's highly unusual. Still, I guess the sales figures prove the, right in artificially restricting it to the 4S despite older devices being perfectly capable of running it.

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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    That is interesting statistics, but the overall relevance is subjective to the user. At home, work, and in many places like Whole Foods, Starbucks, and walking down the street, I am surrounded by wi-fi. I have a 2GB plan, but in all reality, most of my Internet use is over wi-fi.

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    I have an iPhone 4 and want the 4S. I have learned that the 4S requires about 32K data per usage of Siri. Now if you add that up over a month of use that can use up some 20MB. Thats 5 Siri enquiries a day. I learned this from Mac Rumors. They had a post that explained Siri data usage over the cell network. Here is the plans.

    \t 200MB\t2GB\t 4GB


    I suppose that if a person wanted the continuous use of Siri daily the most that could be used would be 100MB mane a little more. Add that to pictures being sent over the air non wifi one may want to get the 2GB plan.

    I guess to have Siri totally built into a Phone, the phone would have to have one massive amount of memory and have a database built in or maybe a chip to handle the program. Would make the phone rather larger than it currently is. Oh well. I might get one any way.

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    I am getting my iPhone 4S next week, although Siri won’t be available here until late 2012 or 2013. So, Siri may help sales but it certainly is not a deal maker on it’s own.
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    > currently understands American, Australian and UK English <

    I've read some American reviewers preferred the Aussie accented female Siri to the American version. Which is quite understandable.

    I'm amazed, however, that Siri can understand my daughter considering the bananabender slang, the flat vowels and the rising inflexion.
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    What about Android alternative to Siri - like Iris or TalkToIt? Moreover, Android don't require you to buy new hardware to run these free apps - they'll run on older versions of Android.

    Sometimes, this website feels like in terms of only giving one side of the story.
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    Originally Posted by Fandroid View Post


    Yeah. You're gonna fit in RE~AL well here.
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    Seems obvious, considering that the only other potential "driving forces" would be the new camera and the dual-core processor, and Siri is the most noticeable difference of the three for the typical user.
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    Originally Posted by JONOROM View Post

    The other thing that bugs me about this analyst (and this article) is that the analyst hasn't surveyed even ONE buyer to come up with his opinion. If he had talked to you, he would have had some actual data.

    I wouldn't lose sleep over analysts. They're impossibly imbecilic for the amount of trust and money that is supposedly placed into them. It amazes me how frequently they can be completely off the mark with information and yet remain trusted and referenced for years to come. They certainly seem to receive regular attention from the Apple community itself.

    Fortunately, Apple folk do have one competent analyst.
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    I'm confused here :

    Does SIRI works in Canada? I read some people saying it doesn't while other say it's not fully functional. I've looked at Bell Canada iPhone 4S page and Apple iPhone 4S page and there is no mention about SIRI. Let say SIRI doesn't work well in Canada is an upgrade from the iPhone 4 worth it? Or I should wait another year for the iPhone 5 since my contract will be up by that time.

    Thanks in advance for getting back to me .
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    9to5mac is reporting that there's an extended outage of Siri services in the US today. Other US-based owners seeing the same today, or is it spotty/regional?
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    Originally Posted by tylerk36 View Post

    I guess to have Siri totally built into a Phone, the phone would have to have one massive amount of memory and have a database built in or maybe a chip to handle the program. Would make the phone rather larger than it currently is. Oh well. I might get one any way.

    One of the cool things about Siri is that it learns as you use it. It learns from your interactions with it, as well as from all the other Siri users.

    This ability seems to necessitate it to be in the cloud, so that it can draw upon all these learned experiences.

    So in a crowd-sourcing kind of way, Siri users are all helping to improve her understanding and usefulness. Without needing to be programmers.
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