i=MC2 (Mac Cube Squared)

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i(OS)=mc2 (Mac Cube Squared) which is kind of like 'e=mc2' but different.

It would be cool if future OS-XI products (new quad-core iCube) could act more like a local server (and wireless base station) where all the screens of your iOS devices (regardless of size) can connect to your single OS-XI product to give any of them Mac-like functionality when needed. The future iCube would allow multiple modular (stackable) cubes connected via 'thunderbolt' to allow a person to recreate the equivalent of a new Mac Pro or something more powerful if needed.

iphone (iOS small screen), ipad (iOS medium screen), iHD (five large iOS HD screens: 20,30,40,50,60) with the 20 inch model acting as a possible lower priced option for the imac, but not a true replacement for it. iCloud will continue to add more and more features until it becomes a true Net-centric OS and reaches a level of sophistication and reliability that it truly replaces the need for OS-XI for most users.

An Apple iCube could look something like this but with a much cooler Jonathan Ive design:



Xi3 has unveiled its simply-named Xi3 Modular Computer, a cube-like machine that measures less than 4-inches per side.

Given the tininess of the Xi3 computer, the motherboard has been divided into three separate parts, each of which can be ?quickly? removed: a board that houses the processors and RAM and two additional I/O boards for connectivity and input/output requirements.

As for what else is in that light-weight aluminum cube, the base model will be include an AMD Athlon 64 dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 8GB flash storage drive. Linux is the pre-installed operating system, but there are plenty of Windows 7 OS choices (and many other customizable options) available. Mac users need not apply.

Only available for ?evaluation and proofs-of-concept purposes? at the moment, the retail price is set to be $850. However, the masses will get their chance at buying one in early 2011. Gray is the standard issue color, but all of the colors of the rainbow are available for an extra $15-$30.

Given that the Xi3 is the winner of a CES 2011 Innovations Award in the Computer Hardware Category, we should be seeing more of this little guy in January.

with some features like this:



What the Shuttle XPC H7 5820S has is a new feature by the name of Matrox M-series multi-display graphics, this allowing you to work with up to 16 displays at once. You?ll also find a set of other fantastic specifications inside, but it?s the displays that will have you mesmerized.

We all know that Apple loves cubes.

Third time is the charm you know...


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    Anyone else up for a new Cube??
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by Commodification View Post

    Anyone else up for a new Cube??

    However it might make a nice little controller for a CNC machine. It would need slightly more flash but that is no big deal. It doesn't look like this is a replacement for the Mini on the desktop based on the article. We would need more details and I'm not going looking for those details.
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    mactacmactac Posts: 318member
    I wish Apple would build something along the lines of that Shuttle. Internal space for two hard drives and an optical drive without having to pony up for the Mac Pro.
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    Originally Posted by Commodification View Post

    Third time is the charm you know...

    Then the G4 Cube was the charm:

    And there's not going to be an "OS XI". Not from Apple, anyway.

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    Originally Posted by gyorpb View Post

    Then the G4 Cube was the charm:

    HA!! I guess cubes prefer the number 4.
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    tubgirltubgirl Posts: 177member
    Originally Posted by Commodification View Post

    LOL - Every time I see a nextcube setup the display seems to grow smaller and the box larger!
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,377moderator
    I like the Cube design - the G4 Cube was always my favourite and why I like the Mini so much. They could build the Mac Pro into a Cube shape. If you look at the side shot here:


    If you get rid of the 5.25" optical bays at the top left, the PCI slots in the middle and 2nd CPU socket, leaving 4 drive bays, a smaller PSU from the top-right, a single 6-core CPU, a mobile GPU and a riser card for RAM, that could probably be worked into a cube shape and it would have only a slightly larger footprint than the Mini.

    I personally think they should do something like this and just drop the dual-socket Pro models. As I've said, people can buy multiple cubes if they need raw rendering power.

    Computer parts do lend themselves to flat designs but you get a lot of airflow volume with a cube shape and they can put those nice big fans in there that don't whine that suck air in from a perforated front right through the back.

    This would have to be priced around the $1999 mark or above though. They could go the consumer route and take maybe the 65W quad i7 from the 21.5" iMac and really lower the power consumption but I think people would appreciate the 6-core model more and it would make it clear it's a replacement for the Pro and not an alternative to the iMac, which despite what some people want, is clearly not something Apple wants to do.

    But honestly, I'm tired of the Mac Pro. $2500 for a quad-core boat anchor just sucks. Designing it in a way that gives you a 6-core for that price or less is the only way that line will be worthwhile and having a neat little Cube design would just be awesome.
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    I would like to see a new iCube sell for $499 (for the quad-core model with a TB Hard Drive and thunderbolt) and an iOS integrated 20 inch iHD (touch) screen sell for $799.00. So together you could have something superior to the current imac for around $1200. The new iCube could replace the need for an Airport or Time Capsule for most, and those who don't really want a new iMac and really just want a non-portable 20 inch ipad on a stand can get it for only $800.
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