HP CEO rumored to pronounce fate of webOS on Friday



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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Or if they try to salvage WebOS for smartphones or tablets and fail instead of selling it off they'll be kicking themselves.

    Personally, with nothing but a rudimentary, yet modern OS, no viable HW designs, and no feasible ecosystem I think the only way to salvage it would be to sell it. And that's even before you consider Apple's possession here. If Apple can get their HiDPI iPad with feasible performance, price and battery usage out early next year I think it's done deal for the iPad being an iPod like dominance. Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet can have their low-end whatever, but it will be the iPad market, not the tablet market moving forward.

    It's like taking insurance when the dealing is showing and Ace in Blackjack. In this case it's the only way not lose everything.

    I believe the best way to save WebOS is to sell it and all IP related to it to a Chinese company, maybe Lenovo or Huawei, or a consortium of Chinese companies. They would love to have something to call their own, develop its ecosystem with all kind of weird incarnations. Whether it flood back to US would be another question.
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    Originally Posted by nicolbolas View Post

    ney that Steve Job's brilliance collected for Apple be saved for better things than having to kill Android!

    LIkely effect because what Steve is trying to kill is IP theft by Android which won't change unless Google totally changes the Android UI and locks it in for all OEMs. But since they adapted the style they did because of how successful it was for Apple, it's unlikely they will change unless the courts demand it.


    Or Apple could buy it, the OS has some stuff that could make iOS better (Though not worth price probably)

    The only reason Apple might buy it is if there are some patents attached. Because anything in it that happens to be better they would have to rewrite anyway because it's not in the right code for iOS, so why buy something they have to redo anyway
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    Originally Posted by Jexus View Post

    Done. HP is Open-sourcing WebOS.


    Thanks the link. I haven't read twice link yet but I hope they will be aggressive about creating a secure OS and development platform in ways that Android has simply ignored.
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    Originally Posted by ruel24 View Post

    He needs fired. Here, HP had something that had a following, and they could do something with it to compete against iOS and Android. But, they bobbled it, and they simply didn't really get behind the product like they should have. HP has lost their direction, and the CEO needs to go.

    Actually, in my humble idiotic layman opinion, the CEO, whoever he/she is, needs to NOT go. Whatever his decisions, even if it ultimately kills the company on one-bet-too-much, he should have support of the board.

    Let's take the example of an idiot guy who thought Pixar could make movies, Apple could sell MP3 players and (gasp) phones and tablets. Imagine if after six months, the board fired that idiot due to all the good advice of pundits and armchair specialists behind their computers?

    HP has "lost their direction" because the investors can't seem to be able to hire a good CEO and let him make the right decisions without firing him. Remember, direction IS the CEO.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    If I may say so, this emperor was notoriously mad.
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