Problems persist with Apple's international launch of iTunes Match



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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    Malicious Sarcasm

    Mmm? I'm thinking of a single word?

    Guh, this is so frustrating. It has phonemes that use your far back upper palette in it.

    Frigging possible Alzheimer's making me lose words?
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    this is too frustrating ..
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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    I think you'll find Apple buy all their server side systems from 3rd party vendors such as IBM. So they have the same problems everyone else does.

    On the client side, where they write their own stuff, it really does work great.

    They're not using Lion Server?
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    Originally Posted by olivia432 View Post

    this is too frustrating ..

    I'm sure it is.
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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member
    I still can't get playlists to sink on one of my phones HERE. iTunes MAtch is a Mess.
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