Steve Jobs awarded posthumous grammy, memorial statue unveiled in Hungary



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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    Whoever that artist is, it seems like they've taken a bit too much artistic freedom in their interpretation. What's with the mile long legs?

    Well, he was larger than life.
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    i think the reason the hands are funky and Steve is looking at them is because of his affinity for hallucinogens. try staring at your hands after eating some acid and maybe the statue would make more sense to you
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    The statue is clearly End Of Life (EOL)!

    Did I just say that? :O
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    Originally Posted by BestKeptSecret View Post

    This is the first I'm seeing that image of Steve in colour - the one on his authorised biography.

    But the statue... oh dear! It's really not that flattering. Good intentions but bad execution. Steve would be mortified!

    I think the statue captures the motion and energy well. But the execution of the fingers missed the beat.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Is Jobs flashing a gang sign?

    West side, yo!
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    The award is well deserved but the statue could have looked better!!!
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