Amended class-action lawsuit alleges Apple, publishers engaged in 'price-fixing conspiracy'



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    For? whom?
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    I'm sure we are actually agreeing. My point was that the CEOs of the publishing companies would have to meet, discuss and possibly agree on a course of action. The only way Apple could be a party to this would be to host the discussion.

    However, there is no way in hell that Apple or these guys ever got together in the first place.

    According to some reports, Apple did host secret meetings in New York with several of the major publishers.
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    Amazon NEVER got a 70-30 split in its favor.

    Engadget - May 2009 - Amazon takes 70 percent of Kindle newspaper revenues

    NY Times - November 2009 - Amazon Increases Kindle Royalties to Publishers

    "Amazon will increase the royalties to 70 percent beginning Dec. 1. Publishers previously received about 30 percent, though royalties varied by publisher. "

    Engadget - Jan 2010 - Amazon to start paying 70 percent royalties on Kindle books that play by its rules

    "On June 30, Amazon is launching a new option in its Digital Text Platform (DTP) publishing scheme that would give authors and publishers 70% of the revenue, with Amazon taking just 30% -- effectively flipping the ratio on its head."
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