Doesn't it just steam you up?

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Hey everyone. Has you may very well aready know I'm a console gamer. Well I'm very steamed over a artcile dine by Xbox.IGN. If anyone cares to read it I'm posting but I wanted to hear what other people had the say.

"GameCube Under the Shadow of Xbox

Microsoft's overweight console pulling ahead of Nintendo's bite-sized purple cube.

December 20, 2002 - Xbox executives can pop a bottle of champagne. Apparently, people are diggin' the Xbox. The proof doesn't come from some over-enthusiastic PR spin or anyone's personal numbers. All you need do is take a look at the numbers and you'll see that Xbox is in the midst of crushing the GameCube.

According to the NPD Group, one of the most respected market research firms in the industry, November marked the seventh consecutive month Xbox outsold GameCube in terms of hardware and has outsold GameCube in software in all thirteen months of its existence. Selling nearly 500,000 consoles in November, Xbox nearly doubled its sales numbers from October. Xbox consoles have edged GameCube by 20% in total sales, a considerable gap, especially when you look at the great first-party titles Nintendo has managed to release this year.

In November, Xbox saw it's second best month of software sales to date, with 2.4 million units selling. That's 10% more than the GameCube, but still far below the might of PS2. In terms of GameCube versus Xbox, though, Microsoft's console has sold 34% more software overall than GameCube. The Xbox also maintains the highest attach rate to date for a console that's thirteen months old, with 4.7 games per unit sold.

Further proof of Microsoft's growing dominance over GameCube comes when comparing the two bundle offers. Microsoft's Xbox bundle that comes with Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future has outsold the GameCube Mario bundle by 335,000 units or 131%. However, it should be noted that the GameCube bundle is not nearly as widely available, which could contribute to the wide gap.

The GameCube is often saddled with piss-poor ports of multi-platform games and it shows in terms of sales. The Xbox has managed 58% greater third-party sales than GameCube according to Microsoft.

Though Microsoft has yet to come close to the PS2 in terms of installed base, the big MS can take comfort in knowing their online programs has bested PS2 from the get-go. Comparing their first month of sales, Xbox Live outsold PS2 Network Adapters by 14% and the three major Live titles (Ghost Recon, MechAssault, and Unreal Championship) sold over 300,000 copies combined in just the last half of November and managed an astounding attach rate of 80%.

With far bigger titles on the horizon for Microsoft next year and very few big franchises left in Nintendo's bag for 2003, it could be an even merrier X-Mas for Microsoft a year from now. Of course, we'll be back to let you know how this little ol' console war is turning out.



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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    At first, I thought PC emulation would have killed the xbox much sooner -- just too much similarity in the architectures, and advancement in PC hardware. But that didn't happen, i guess through some combination of M$'s encryption and the looming shadow of their legal dept. Mebbe it's just cheaper to buy the box and pirate the games than build the box to run the emulator, though technically at least it should be possible to emulate the xbox on a middling decent PC with lots of ram and a GF3 or better.

    Regardless, as soon as I noticed that M$ wasn't dying, I figured Ninetendo would be the odd man out next time round. They have good franchises and don't campare tto the financial muscle of the other two. They just can't affors to lose as much per console as Sony and M$ can, and thus they can't build as powerful a hardware spec unless they deliver it somewhat later than the other two.

    That timing is already wrong since they were late with GC and are usually last. Timing has it's rewards, Sony hasn't got the most powerful hardware, but they had enough power and potential out the door before anybody else. Sega was even doing well, a year ahead of Sony, and they'd still be in the Hardware business if they had released the Dreamcast with a DVD drive instead. That was the killer Sony feature, not FUD. But I digress, back to Nintendo.

    They're gone. They'll be late, or they won't have a competitive spec. That's virtually guaranteed by the fact that they cannot afford to lose as much per machine as either Sony or M$. They're a games company, but people are slowly being convinced of the set-top ideology, at least for on-line multiplayer, and they certainly don't have M$'s potential to deliver internet connected multiplayer, or Sony's ability to deliver non-gaming content.

    Ninetendo does have franchises that generate money in and outside of console videogames, and they do have a nearly unasailable ability to deliver CHEAP, FUN, and DURABLE handheld gaming. That's enough, and if they're smart they'll develop a next gen GC and shelve it before they drive themselves into the red on Hardware. Trends suggest that they'll have great difficulty competing unless they're willing to lose a lot of money. Why go through it all. Take your franchises, cartoons, trading cards, and handheld and run for the profitable hills.
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    I must say I'm impressed with your reply. I do want to see Nintendo competing more with it's competitors but being a game only company does put a large "not so fast" stop on the idea. What steams me up though is all harassment they seem to throw at them., you would think they we be a professional about there work but they are in my opinion only one of the worst sites yet. The always twist the truth saying games are exclusive to them when really one a online feature is. The are always trying to put Nintendo gamers down. Not to long ago the had a flash movie on their site making fun of Mario. It's these things that steams me up. I don't mind a few friendly cross-fire but not even Sony is this bad. I don't think Sega was this bad. Before is was a simple console war now, almost everything they do they make it personal.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    You're not supposed to make consoles personal, mac-PC, that you make personal, consoles? Fuggedaboudit! Personally, I like the premise behind Nintendo game franchises better than most any other company, with the exception of some Sega franchises. They have the best concept -- FUN FIRST! How novel, huh? But they don't need their own console to deliver that and will probably let others spend those dollars while they focus on games in the future.
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