How does everyone plan on pre-ordering their iPad 3?

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It's been a while (almost 7 years!) since I have posted on Apple Insider. Well, that's because nothing has been important enough until now and the upcoming iPad 3!!!

I am just wondering--how does everyone plan on ordering or pre-ordering their iPad 3s in order to get them ASAP? I want to get mine by the end of the week so that I can use it while photographing state basketball in Kansas. (Not to take the photos, LOL, but just to look cool in the media room and make my organization look good.)

As a follow-up, does anyone know how to find the upcoming ASIN for the iPad 3 from I have been frustrated before with cameras because doesn't update their search results until hours after the camera or new product gets released. So on a camera like the Nikon D4, for example, I am out for a couple months because everybody else used some secret link to put in their pre-orders, and by the time that I found it through's search system, the first shipment was totally sold out.

If I knew the ASIN ahead of time, then perhaps I could get in on the first batch of iPad 3 orders. Thank you in advance!


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    Oh, and by the way, the reason I want to buy from over Apple itself or MacMall, is the great customer service. I have received a broken tripod from Manfrotto which was instantly replaced by, no questions asked ($300 item). And I will be able to sell back my iPad 3 to them for sure for very little loss. For an example, they are STILL accepting iPad 2 sell-backs for $350... way more than one could get from anywhere else.

    I just thought I would explain before being bombarded with the obvious question why I would want to order from (And honestly for full disclosure, I am also going to get back 5% with my new Chase Freedom card from
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    I'll use the Apple Store App on my iPhone.
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    Amazon's probably one of the *worst* places to buy an iPad if you live in the US. Amazon doesn't sell them directly and they're all sold through 3rd party sellers at Amazon's site.

    Your best bet is via the Apple store online. You'll pay the same, or less than you would at Amazon, receive it quicker, get free shipping and the customer service is good as well.
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    Thanks everyone.
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