Foxconn adds X-ray inspections to reduce defects in Apple products



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    Foxconn has been using X-ray systems for almost a decade to inspect solder connections on printed circuit boards. The difference is...

    Until recently (last few years) x-ray inspection at most PCB manufacturers has been on a sample basis because conveyorized x-ray systems were very inexpensive, difficult to program, and couldn't rotate the PCB to isolate solder joint inspection on the top side of the PCB vs. the bottom. In-line conveyorized systems that had 3D capability were slow, very hard to program, difficult to maintain and cost well over $500,000. When you have 100's of conveyorized PCB assembly lines the expense is 1/2 billion+.

    Companies like YESTech (Carlsbad) have developed in-line conveyorized x-ray systems with 3D (tomography) at an affordable price. Foxconn is investing in this type of system because they are fast, accurate, and inexpensive allowing them to inspect 100% of the circuit boards they assemble rather than a fraction.
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