Apple's 'iPanel' called 'far more than a TV,' expected to launch in 2012



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    I believe it will be called iMaster (as in "Aye, Master").
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    anwermananwerman Posts: 14member
    The center of of your digital hub including all home entertainment. The only name that makes sense:

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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,475member
    Apple will call it iTV and will not need British TV station's permission to do so because "internet TV" has nothing to do with "international TV".

    Just like there is an Apple bank and Apple computers, or ABC American Broadcasting Company, and ABC for Alcoholic Beverage Control.
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    hosshoss Posts: 69member
    They should use the symbol Prince used to use for his name. It could be the product formerly known as a TV. It'll piss everybody off.
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    christophbchristophb Posts: 1,482member
    Make it 16' x 9' and call it iWall.
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    patranuspatranus Posts: 366member
    How about Apple TV?

    Don't need to reinvent the wheel.
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    armandxparmandxp Posts: 10member
    Originally Posted by Patranus View Post

    How about Apple TV?

    Don't need to reinvent the wheel.

    As much as I'm hoping the AppleTV will be revolutionary, I have serious doubt. The iPod, iPhone and iPad are all based off of a purchasing model through their App Store, Music Store, , Video Store, and Book Store. How is this going to work with 'tv'? Do we really think the TV tycoon's are going to agree to let's say, pay per channel? Are any other content providers going to let Apple overtake the tv industry, as they have with the music industry? If they do come out with this mythical tv, I still think it's going to be iTunes based, as in, this is where you'll have to purchase all your content, within a walled garden that cuts everyone else out. So, how will this be any different than what we already have?

    I would love to hear other theories. I just can't wrap my head around the iPanel, or whatever it's going to be called.

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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    I think they will call it the


    actually with Steve gone - they will have no choice but to call it

    the New TV

    And they will have to get it out prior to Dec 21st in order to beat the end of the world rush

    Makes you wonder what they will do next year with the iPad - the New new iPad? the Newst iPad - Not Last Year's iPad.

    I cannot see how they did not spend 10 minutes reviewing possible names for "the New iPad" - iPad HD - iPad RD - iPad 2S - iPad 3 - iPad 2012 - and about half that time picking something better than "the new iPad"
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    conrailconrail Posts: 489member
    Originally Posted by PipesH4 View Post

    I believe GE Healthcare has a product with that name, so this could be a problem for Apple.

    The simple solution would be Apple to buy GE.

    I don't think iPanel is a very good name for this thing, unless it's going to be something like a home-automation nerve center.
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    conrailconrail Posts: 489member
    Originally Posted by lilgto64 View Post

    And they will have to get it out prior to Dec 21st in order to beat the end of the world rush

    Actually, this new device will prevent the pole shift prophesied by the History Channel, er, the Mayans. Or Nostradamus. Or whoever the hell it was.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    Originally Posted by Conrail View Post

    Actually, this new device will prevent the pole shift prophesied by the History Channel, er, the Mayans. Or Nostradamus. Or whoever the hell it was.

    if we we link up all the computers in the world to create a magnetic field in the same orientation at the same time - could we induce the Earth's Magnetic field to realign closer to the geographical North Pole?

    just kidding - it is unlikely that any magnetic field the human race could produce in the foreseeable future would be utterly dwarfed by the Earth's magnetic field - not saying we can't make a field stronger on a small scale - but nothing that would be strong enough over thousands of miles to have any affect.

    The Myans did no predict the end of the world and do not believe the world will end - they developed many calendars to track the various cycles of life - including a sidereal calendar etc - if anything their 2012 (assuming we have correlated their calendar to ours correctly) predicts only the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Just as our Gregorian Calendar predicts the end of one 12 month cycle and the beginning of the next ever Dec 31 - Jan 1.

    Also - just because the ancients put lots of effort into something doesn't mean they knew something we don't. In the same vein - 1000 years from now - no one will be able to predict the future based on the American Idol poll results - regardless of how important anyone thinks they are today or how well preserved those records will be. Then again - since it is so much easy to "predict" things that have already happened that things that have yet to happen - I would imagine that at some point in the future someone will place way to much importance on some trivial thing of today and completely misinterpret and blow it all out of proportion as well.
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    iPanel is a TERRIBLE name. Its not really reinventing the television if you categorize it as something totally unrelated like who came up with this? Regardless of how much more it does then a television the name Apple TV still seems more logical because whatever it is, is displayed on what would traditionally be known as a television.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    I think it would tough for them to come with something better than TV - keep the part that everyone understands and is familiar with - but redefine who it is used.

    I often think of my iPod as my person radio station without commercial interruption.

    The TV can be effectively the same but for video content (although not necessarily restricted to video).

    THey had better get on the ball though - my BluRay player already has direct access built in for Netflix, CinemaNow, Pandora, YouTube, and some other thing I can't recall the name of right now - and it was only $50 attached to the $200 32" LCD TV I bought at the same time for 9 months same as cash.
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    conwaycfconwaycf Posts: 35member
    Originally Posted by talkshowonmute View Post

    iPanel is a TERRIBLE name. Its not really reinventing the television if you categorize it as something totally unrelated like who came up with this? Regardless of how much more it does then a television the name Apple TV still seems more logical because whatever it is, is displayed on what would traditionally be known as a television.

    It's primary use will always be as a television, so it should be called iBoobTube.
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    amador_oamador_o Posts: 67member
    I don't really care what they call it, but as others have said, why wouldn't it just be Apple TV? The current box could just become the Apple TV Classic.

    And I hope it is somewhere between thirty and forty inches... those giant TV's are obnoxious.
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    paul94544paul94544 Posts: 1,027member
    I think this picture of a TV is much too limited : the reason why there are no great TV's produced is because engineers tend to think the wrong way. They think in terms of functionality not in terms of "systems". Apple is the only company I know that understand systems theory. Designing stuff in terms of how it works with the rest of world around it.

    When we only think narrowly we end up with lots of little boxes that have a hard time doing much of anything, except the simple task they are designed for. Roku this and so on. Another box with wires and a control (to lose) to complicate my life - ugh.

    Lets assume that this is going to be a kind of central control unit for a home. Apple has recently (last 10 years) been taking components as they get small enough and at cheap enough price and integrating them into fully functioning easy to use devices. It has done this with firstly the iPod, then the iPhone, then from these made the apple TV box and iPad and is now integrating relevent feaure back in to the iMac and Macbooks. Wouldn't it make sense to now to integrate the best tech they have i.e Siri, touch, iOS5, itunes and their cloud farm to come up with a revolutionaty big screen product that acts as the console for the house not just a boring TV display.

    If Apple gets this right and it is really easy to use. OMG

    Imagine how useful it would be to simply sit on the couch and use voice commands to control not only the TV channel line up , but also surfing the web, telling netflix which movie episode to watch, directions to a friends house, run any iOS app, answer the phone ,skype call, the list goes on and on. Sure I can do this by connecting my iPad to my current TV but its not intergrated and I have to use a hdmi input, it is so cumbersome. As much as I like my iPad its still needs a lot of work to make it a truely integrated device

    I tell you if Apple has indeed cracked the ease of use to get all these things done (without the prehistoric hierachical menus) I can simply lie down on my couch without having to lift a finger to get the remote/phone/iPad/remote control - nothing. Then and only then will a computer be useful. All I want is to be able to walk into my sitting room and say "when the SF Giants game starts, show it, and then call my cell". Then I can tinker in the garage and the next time I walk into the house its playing. Give me that and I'll buy it.

    What I want is to not to be forced to do so many tasks manually. I'm not interested in fiddling with lots of unintegrated boxes trying to stream movies, pics, and so on from device to my main display and back one to another. that SUCKS. I'm not interested in navigating some sucky GUI going down several levels of menus simply to change one setting to get something to work (All those brain dead windows and Android OS's). I want it to make my life easier not more complicatred. OH and when I'm bored watching thats baseball game all I have to do is say "Turn off and secure house" and the house is in its "I'm away" mode which means the lights are switched on and off at night and security is armed 30 seconds after I lock the front door. OH and its all disarmed because it recognises my voice when I return. oh and when i say "Show the photos I just took" the TV is intelligent enough to only display the ones I shot since I left!
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    Originally Posted by openminded View Post

    Whatever tv Apple decides to bring out, it will be overpriced, as per the usual Apple BS, and there will be MUCH BETTER products out there from competitors. But the fanboys will be sucked in by al the hype and show off how cool their new toy is to all of their friends.

    So true. Look at what happened when the iPhone came out: it was overpriced BS that couldn't compete with the MUCH BETTER products like the Palm Trēo and the Windows Mobile 6 phones. Motorola, Nokia and RIM sent Apple packing with its tail between its legs haha! Steve Ballmer chortled rightly over the iPhone, that overpriced BS. We all know only fanboys buy Apple products to show off their new toys to all of their friends because of all the hype. Motorola would never hype their hardware with talk of gigahertzes, megapixels, and gigabytes, because non-fanboys never show off their 4.85" SUPER OMG PENTILE HD AMOLED screens to their friends.

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    macquestmacquest Posts: 30member
    I've said it before, I'll say it again: iDisplay.

    After all, I was right about iPad back in 2003:

    Let's see if I can repeat history.

    Or possibly iView.

    Maybe even iLife (I know, I know) but think about it: it would make sense for an Apple hardware product that would display everything that can be created using Apple's software suite of the same name and be used for so much more. Afterall, Apple's not going to sue themselves and the cross-marketing potential across product lines is huge, from iDevices to Macs to this, and all are capable of creating and/or viewing iLife content.

    Apple's iLife display.... I like it!

    I was telling a friend of mine approximately 3 years ago about how I had stopped distinguishing between "TV" and "computer monitor" back in '06 when I worked at CompUSA and started seeing more and more monitors come in with tv inputs and vice versa. I knew the convergence between the two was inevitable so I just started referring to them all as "displays" because that's what they all do.

    So iDisplay, iView/iVision (not leaning towards those because they're somewhat limiting in what this thing will be able to do, meaning more than just seeing stuff), or iLife (I'm kind of leaning more towards that now for several reasons).

    Oh well, we'll know in a few months and "see" in just a few more.

    Of course there's always "iHal"... but something tells me that that wouldn't end well.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    Another vote for iVision (at least over the other names thrown around).

    Originally Posted by kldade View Post

    I thought iVision too...

    Just as Apple's telephone is the iPhone, their television would be the iVision!

    ...although the iPad isn't a telepad... that would be awesome

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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member
    Where's iCarStereo?
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