Rumor: Apple in talks to build Russian R&D facility



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    Hey Apple. There is a Historical Building with a LOT of glass on the roof just waiting for you here in LA Maine. Be part of a growing community right here in the god olde US of A! It's 1 million square feet and a good start.


    Historical Bates mill with the Sawtooth glass roof




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    Originally Posted by fsad32 View Post

    So if for 2020th we'll got 9-10 bln. population on planet and drinking water will be like gold - Russia will be the best place to live because of preserved nature by inactivity today (if i'm not mistaken California is already using mostly recycled water because of problems to get a fresh one).


    It's a shame for Russia, then, that this isn't going to be the case.

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    fsad32fsad32 Posts: 20member

    Skolkovo will never be as research center - it's got too much luxury and offices and it's the personal idea of Medvedev and russian billi-millionaire Vexelberg - Medvedev is no more president (putin never interested in such things), Vexelberg is just a rogue. Skolkovo will be built, but as another luxury village for rich people (don't forget that Russia is champion by the number of billi-millionaires living there[Forbes magazine] - not because hard work - because everyone is stealing from the policeman to minister and stealing from state budget with taking mandatory bribes from business, the total number are in billion's of $$$-corruption is 90% and everythere) - such villages for rich people is already present in Russia like Barvikha and etc. by the the Rublevsky road to the west direction - realty and land prices in Russia is very high near capital - they are identical to Tokyo realty prices. If they (Vexelberg) don't make research center - and they won't - anyway they will make profit on realty.

    Russia is already got numerous Ready and Working whole science-cities founded in soviet times with working scientists, universities and most science discoveries are made there - it is well-known science-cities - Zelenograd and Dubna - they are without luxury comfort & offices - only with the basic stuff and buildings needed for research and work.

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    Very neat!  If they fully develop that as shown that will be very impressive.  Apple is choosing good locations for their R&D. At least places that don't have power issues like India.

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