September launch of 'iPad mini' seen boosting education sales



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    Still with that bullshit, eh.


    That's right, when I go from using my 27" iMac to my 13" mbp I expect there to be no difference whatsoever [... and using the 13" mbp has ruined my experience with Apple products forever].


    Oh boy... do you guys ever get down from your perch...


    [ I wonder if it ever occurs to these guys that some of these people will be moving up in size from only using a smartphone. That market is obviously huge (people who have smartphones but do not have tablets). By their own admission, bigger is apparently bigger. Therefore these people will enjoy the experience of going from 3.5~4.65 to a smaller iPad and be truly satisfied]


    A 7" tablet running the iPhone OS layout is larger and usable.  A 7" tablet running the iPad layout is probably too small.


    A 1920x1280 7" iPod Touch would be pretty amazing but ain't happening.  I wonder if scaling iPhone apps to 1440x960 is viable.

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