Refurbished items return to Apple online store after 3-day drought



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    It's finally working for me in the USA. 

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    cvaldes1831cvaldes1831 Posts: 1,832member


    Originally Posted by G-Mo View Post

    This article is inaccurate. The store has only appeared with no stock to some users. Other people have been able to see and shop unaffected.


    G-Mo is correct.


    The refurbished out-of-stock was a localized site error for some users, but not all.


    I've had no issues in seeing refurbished items in the Apple Store.


    MacRumors got this story correct. On Thursday.

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    Australia and New Zealand stores (presume the same inventory) went crazy for a few hours (odd prices and models) then no stock for a day, then came back on, then disappeared again, but seems back to normal now (high prices, low range of recent models).


    I'd rung apple support to ask if the refurbished section was being removed from NZ store and they appeared to agree - don't think they knew anything themselves, and that was after 1, then again after 2 days...

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    sr2012sr2012 Posts: 896member
    Wow. I gotta say how is this news.
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    Still not working here, 1:45 pm GMT.


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    robin hoodrobin hood Posts: 513member
    Apple doesn't sell refurbished computers on a small section of its website temporarily and that's an "international outage" now?
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    What has GOD have to do with Apple?


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    It's up and running again at 10:00 pm GMT.


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