does anyone know if an app could solve the problem of mac not being able to get mountain lion?

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i submmited this to apple forum but got no response.  i am not knowledgeable about drivers and apps.

let me rephrase my earlier question.  do you think an app could be created that would let owners of laptops that can't get mountain lion get it by fixing 32-bit GPU drivers by writing replacement drivers?

earlier question:

since my mac is early 2008, i can't get mountain lion.  (i upped memory to 4 when i got lion.) so can someone made an app to fix 32-bit GPU drivers problem by writing replacement drivers?

i read

According to the Golden Master seed of Mountain Lion, released earlier this week, the older machines now out of the big cat loop rely on 32-bit GPU drivers, and the new OS X version won’t load them.

Apple’s decision, it seems, was to leave those machines off the upgrade cycle, rather than spend the time, money and effort involved in writing replacement drivers.


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    No, of course not. Mountain Lion removes 32-bit chipset support. An application isn't going to fix that.
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