Powered Magic Track Pad

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I have seen pix and info of power adaptors to replace batteries in a MagicTrackPad; however, I have not been able to find one that is being marketed.


USB Power Adapter for Apple TrackPad and Wireless Keyboard -- Indiegogo


I'm fed up with having to constantly change rechargeable batteries in my MTP.  


There is one gadget that keeps the rechargeable batteries recharged while still inside the MTP. 


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 However, from posts I've read, I've learned that those proprietary batteries last only half as long as regular rechargeable ones. 


"I had their magic bar and it caused issues with the trackpad. but their batteries did not last long about 1/2 or less then good rechargeable's."


Shot down before it gets off the ground.


One example:  

More user friendly wired power solution for their Magic Trackpad? - MacRumors Forums



Does anyone know IF there exists a power adaptor currently on the market, or if Apple could possibly be planning a wired MTP?  Any rumors to that effect?


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    I've always liked the idea of Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard getting a MagSafe 2 port and coming with a MagSafe 2 to USB cable for charging/use. Then they could start making a full-size Bluetooth keyboard again… And then I'd have a reason/desire to buy one.


    I seriously doubt Apple would do that with the Magic Trackpad.

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