iTunes 11.0.1 now available...

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    I can't find any changes anywhere, so I figure this is definitely just silent bug fixes.


    Watch, it'll get rid of my custom icon, despite Apple claiming delta updates are the bomb these days, watch…

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    moxommoxom Posts: 326member

    lol! Hope your custom icon stays intact image


    I think you are right about it being just a small fix... 

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    Nope, had to put it back on.


    But hey, iTunes was open when I hit update. I clicked the confirmation to close it, it closed, it downloaded, it updated, and then it opened automatically once it was done.


    That's new, I think.

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    moxommoxom Posts: 326member

    Display duplicates now enabled - think this is new. Check out the bottom of the iTunes window...




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