Any way to hide a partition?

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    [quote]Originally posted by AirSluf:

    <strong>I've got a few bad blocks in a partition I walled off from the rest of the drive, that keep getting back into circulation. I made tha smallest partition DU would let me (32MB) and just don't want to see it anymore. Same with my SwapFile partition.

    I know some utility has to make things invisible, which one?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Just set it not to mount on startup (for the 'bad blocks' partition) in Drive Setup
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    Grab a Linux Distro, and delete the partition by starting up from the CD, selecting the 32 MB part, and zapping it. By deleting the partition, it becomes dead space, and won't mount.
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    Another simple option to consider, if you just want it out of sight for the most part: Create aliases to the hard disks that you want to be able to access readily. Then, go to the Finder Preferences, and uncheck the box next to Hard disks. Put your aliases on the desktop, and you're done. No fuss, no muss.
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