4G iPad, 4G iPhone. Why are there no 4G MacBooks, or a 4G iPod Touch?

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There is a 4G iPad and a 4G iPhone. Why are there no 4G MacBooks, or a 4G iPod Touch?


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    They tried cellular data on laptops; there's not much point.


    Also the point of the iPod touch is to be a low-cost alternative to such things.

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    Cellular-enabled Laptops have several problems: Cellular technology progresses much faster than the typical lifespan of a laptop. We may think 4G is good today, but it wasn't that long ago that 3G was mind-blowing.


    Most people who would use mobile data with a laptop already have a smartphone. A tethering plan on the phone costs the same as a data plan for the laptop would. Even if you don't have a tetherable phone or want to use it that way, there are plenty of alternatives - personal wi-fi hotspots or USB dongles can get any laptop online. As mobile data gets faster, you can simply upgrade your phone or device, instead of your whole laptop!


    As far as a "4G iPod Touch" goes, they do make that, and it's called the iPhone. Seriously, in terms of hardware, that's it. The "phone" part is basically down to software and carrier practices.


    (Ironically, I'd seriously consider a retina iPad Mini+LTE, with a VOIP app, over a spec-bumped iPhone 5S for my next phone; I call & text very little, and the price of the "phone" service is fairly steep.)

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    For the Touch it is pretty obvious if you ask me, Touch is a cell free iPhone.   At least that is what the apparent rational was.   


    As for Mac Books, I see them differently and do see a need for 4G or cellular services on a laptop.   Why Apple hasn't pursued this is beyond me.   Some of the excuses you see are baloney as the technology is extremely small physically, it fits in a cell phone after all.   Further the technology could be implemented as a plug in module to allow support world wide on different systems.


    I'd be the first to admit though that iPad has significantly curtailed my need for cellular networking in a laptop.   In fact iPad has curtailed my need for a smart phone.   I can see the future models of iPad eliminating the need for a cellular enabled laptop.   But that is me, each person has different needs and in this regard Apple could and should do more to add flexibility to laptop configurations including the ability to add cellular networking.    


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    There is a 4G iPad and a 4G iPhone. Why are there no 4G MacBooks, or a 4G iPod Touch?

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    I think Apple thinks it isn't worth the effort to negotiate with carriers for contract deals. At minimum, I think Apple wants the pseudo pay-as-you-go by the month data deals they have for the iPads. So, there is some tipping point between how many people they think will get cellular data on Macbook Airs/Pros, how much it will cost to put cellular stuff into the Macs, and making deals with the carriers.

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