play MP3's burned on DVD-R on a DVD player

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I have a DVD player that will play DVD-Rs and it will play MP3s burned on a CD-R, but will it play MP3s that I burn on a DVD-R with my Superdrive? Sorry to ask but I don't want to waste a $5 DVD-R disk to find out. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    I think Murbot tried it on his aging superdrive iMac (has he replaced it yet)

    No go, i think. It could come down to the player and the circuitry. It might be that the MP3 decoder is tied to the CD laser pick-up circuit, and that the DVD (and DTS and AC3) decoders are tied to the DVD laser pick-up. There are some DVD players (the PS2) that only use one beam for both DVD and CD, but the MP3 functionality might be tied to some logic buried somewhere else in the player. That's all I can think of, and I'm sure it's not really correct, but it's close to the essence of the problem I think.

    An MP3 DVD would be an awesome way to turn any home DVD-player into a music jukebox though.

    I wonder if there's an app that lets you put it all down as AC-3 ??? with no video on the DVD, you could concievably put down dozens of hours of 2 channel DD and it would read in any DVD-video player.

    There was a company releasing DTS recorded MUSIC ONLY discs to DVD a while back. It's compressed, but it's 5 channel, and the algorythm is very good (better than CD quality). DTS can be surprisingly good at up to 1.5Mbps through a 5.1 setup. There are even some 5.1 DTS audio CD's floating around!

    So we know it can be done, just maybe not with MP3's. But if we take the DD at between 384 and 448kbps for 5.1, of which we only need 2 channels stereo to rip our home cd's, we could concievably put a lot of our music onto on DVD disc, and it would play.

    What we need now is a utility that lets us rip our CD's to different AC-3 or DTS bit-rates. You could (unlike with MP3) preserve most of the quality of your CD collection and get it down to a few discs at the same time. Cool.
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