Chinese press dig into Apple over response to warranty practices criticism



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    China's state-controlled media is much like Iran.

    Iran, whose media lies about everything from social problems to national defense. Also human rights abuses -- which occur everywhere, but especially inside China and Iran.

    I certainly think something should be done about state-controlled media. Something serious needs to be done about it.
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    Originally Posted by Spacepower View Post

    I think this whole scandal is the Chinese government's attempt support domestic companies such as Lenovo, ZTE, etc....

    The majority of mobile phones are made in China, but by foreign companies. The Chinese government wants the majority of mobile phones made in China AND by Chinese owned companies.

    Yes, you're hitting on China's problem.

    The China  Gov WANTS  to be the most powerful organization  in China.   Apple threatens that Gov power.

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    Remember Tiananmen Square? China is far from a democracy. This kind of state-run propaganda is par for the course.

    I heard Hugo Chavez was a communist, according to the free Western press.  A very "Red" communist, just like the regime which put down that peaceful Tiananmen Square demonstration... 24 years ago.  "Democracy Now!" was their slogan, right?  (How does one say that in Mandarin?)


    They meant it too.  Everything would have been better by converting, or "opening up", to a Western model of Freedom and business practices.

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    The people of a country with so many human rights violations are probably less interested in protecting consumers than trying to make an illegitimate buck off a legitimate company.
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    I think this is all much ado about nothing.

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    This issue only occurred after the Chinese government became aware of a translation error in training documentation for Apple's Chinese Genius staff. In the documentation the word "part" was accidentally misprinted as "party":


    "If the Chinese party is found to be faulty, and fails to function as designed, remove it, place the faulty Chinese party in indefinite storage to be disposed of later, and replace it with a party from America."

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    Read this - it would seem to be an underhanded and orchestrated campaign by the Chinese Government to protect its own industry.
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    We manufacture your stuff, you want a stab at our market, you put up with our crap. Sounds like a strategy.
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    Never pick fights with people that buy ink by the barrel.

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