Windows File Sharing and WinME

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Ok, i have a small network set up through a router in my apt. w/ my 867 G4 (10.2.1) and my room mates gateway(winME). ive had no problems networking with an xp machine before, but when i try to connect to my computer from his, it tells me that the password is not recognized. unlike xp, me only shows the directory im trying to access and does not give an option for a user id, just a pw field. i verified that my account allows windows login. has anyone had any experience w/ this?

(yes i know me is the shittiest win os ever, but its all he as)


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    try creating an account to log into the winME machine with the same name as your mac. i haven't created a share in winME in ages, so i'm not sure you even can, just a thought.
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    that was it, the l/p on the setup on the MEbox had to be the same as the l/p setup on the mac. talk about screwey
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