Need HELP!! Missing RAM

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Please help. I have installed 1GB of ramon my G4 500MHZ running OS 9.1. But the Mac only sees 768. I don't think it is defective because I took it from another Mac. This happened before and someone in the forum told me to use a utility, which I can't remember what it was called. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks


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    what kind of RAM is it?
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    PC100 SDRAM 256mb each.
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    usually this happens when you take ram that's the wrong speed and put it in another machine.

    check the system bus speed on your other machine, and/or the system bus speed on the RAM if you can find it. (should be pc100, pc66, pc133)

    then check to see what your other machine needs. something to keep in mind. there was a while there where, for example, the 66Mhz bus speed iBook took a 100Mhz bus speed RAM chip. if you put a 66Mhz chip in there, it would only recognize half the RAM size.

    i would guess that's what you're running into now.
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    The other machines are the same as mine G4 500mhz
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    when you say the same, you mean the exact same model?

    they can be the same speed and have a different requirement for the RAM speed.

    what exact models do you have, i can double check for you in minutes.
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    They are the same G4 500 mhz model, the one with standard config of 256mb ram/DVD-RAM/27GB HD.

    I think I know what screwed it up. I think it was the firmware update to 4.38f I think. Is there anything to correct that?
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