How do I find out someone's IP? Someone is spying on my AIM conversations!

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How would I find someone's IP that I was chatting with on AIM?

Someone is playing games with me. I think they are somehow seeing what I write. I always felt safe and well, somewhat superior, being on a Mac, since I thought crap like this didn't happen on Macs. Sure, sub7 is being ported etc, but IPNetMonitor doesn't seem helfpul (doesn't even want to work in 9.) And no suspicious apps are running. Although this person did have physical access to my iBook. He got on AIM and talked to other people! It could've been much worse. Suffice to say I don't have it auto-sign on anymore, for either OS X or AIM. :eek:

How can I find someone's IP? How would I know if they are seeing what I write on AIM? I have a feeling this kid is BSing me, but he found out something I said which I don't know otherwise how he would have found out! I'm anxious now, because that's an extreme invasion of privacy... IPNetMonitor is confusing! Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    Do you have a web server? You could mention something (like an image) on your web site in private, then see if this person looks at it. Check your logs, and you'll have their IP.
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    also if you get a mail from this person.. email her or him and when u get the reply check for headers.

    a clean install would sure take all the crap away..
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    Thanks for the 'tech support'! I'm going Jaguar soon hopefully, and I won't be using 9 much, if what I hear about it is true
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    coping your AIM preference file would sort of give them you password. the could be some pc hack programs for AIM. just my 2¢. try chaging your password.
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    Not sure if I am understanding what you are trying to say, but...

    If he had access to your iBook, then he could have read your AIM logs which stores every chat you have with anyone (if you have this enabled). This is how he could have found out what you said in a prior chat (if he's not pulling your leg).

    If he signed onto your account with Auto Logon, then he couldn't see your password anyway. It's never visible - not even in preferences.
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    I'm thinking that there could be a very low-tech method of spying going on here: He might be standing over the shoulder of the person you're chatting with on AIM.

    Just a thought.
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