HELP! Please! Need X start-up key

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I posted earlier about trying to install a printer on X. I started up in 9 and downloaded the right drivers then tried installing. When i restarted, i got the terrible question mark folder. What do i hold down to tell the computer to start up in 10. Please.

-Felipe Lima


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    Hold down option as you restart. You should initially get a solid blue screen then after a few seconds small icons representing all bootable drives. Select the drive you want then click the straight arrow. The curved arrow is to search for drives again. It may take the computer 1-2 minutes to find all the drives, don't worry if it doesn't immediately boot after you select a drive and click the arrow. There is a key combo to boot specifically into OS X, but I don't remember it right now. Good luck.
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    Is it not just hold down the 'x' button on the keyboard?
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    Both jmp and DaveLee's methods *only* work if you've installed the OSs on different drives or different partitions. If they're on the same partition, you're out of luck.

    The flashing question mark icon means that it can't find any valid system on the computer that can boot. This is usually indicative of greater problems. You should to try booting from the OS X Install CD and repair your drive. If after that it still doesn't work, you might should consider using the OS X Install CD to reinstall the OS itself. As long as you choose Upgrade or Archive, your files will remain intact.

    About your issue with installing a printer, though, you should never have to reboot into OS9 to install OS X software. I'm curious what exactly you did to attempt an install.

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