Apple's Federighi thrust into spotlight with successful WWDC keynote performance



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    Yep.  I meant that he had much more recent experience, no doubt with lots of iOS7 demos to Cook et al.


    Steve Jobs taught them.  He had every phrase rehearsed and finely tuned to make everything sound more exciting.  (Or as he would say..."magical")


    I used to give a lot of dog and pony shows myself, and you get really good at directing attention to the strong points, and away from things that are weak.  Jobs was a total master at this.  He worked hard on his shows, for sure.

    Indeed. I have a feeling that whoever wrote the speeches for Jobs's presentations is still around. Either that, or Apple has a "design language" for keynotes, too.

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    Steve wrote his own speeches. He also spent days choreographing down to the lighting whenever a major presentation was planned.


    You either have a natural comfort before audiences or you do not. With practice you can turn it into a production, but if you start out as a turd all you end up doing is polishing a turd.


    By the way, Craig is good, but myself who has given several large group speeches throughout college, before tech classrooms and whatnot the bar is not that high for him to eclipse in most cases.


    Most tech speeches aren't dull because of the content, but because of the personality of the presenter.


    We had WebObjects Olympics [WOlympics] internally at NeXT and the best presenter, hands down, was Mark Tacchi. Mark's just a very gregarious person who shortly being my former boss I can attest if he stayed at Apple would have been Senior Executive today.


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    I thought Craig Federighi did an outstanding job....great presenter and entertaining to....lots of positive energy. I have said it before and will say it again...the more I see Tim Cook the more I like him........ 


    Tim strikes me as the seasoned, shrewd and southern gentleman negotiator who would play a mean game of poker.

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    I think Apple answered a lot of critics, both with the relaxed presentation and the tech stuff. Unfortunately, the pundits have now started looking for the tiniest little things to criticise -- even only they'd look for their own brain, they'd find the answer there.

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    Hair, hair! Er, hear, hear!
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    Craig and Phil were great. I was happy to see some levity in the Keynote for a change, instead of the reverently restrained tone of the SJ era. The back-and-forth with the audience a few times was fantastic; I think there should be more of that. It's the Keynote, for chrissakes, not a church service! Apple's key players obviously can charm a crowd. Now if Tim Cook could just relax. . .he always comes off as edgy to me, as if he's trying too hard to play his character jussssst right. But he's not sure. My suggestion in another forum was to have someone tickle him for 10 minutes before he goes onstage. He'll be happy, focused AND relaxed for his time in the spotlight.
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    Props to Craig.

    He was excellent.

    He's 'stepping out.'

    Well my san.

    Lemon Bon Bon.
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    Originally Posted by Lemon Bon Bon. View Post

    Props to Craig.

    He was excellent.

    He's 'stepping out.'

    Well my san.

    Lemon Bon Bon.



    Is there a reason you sign every one of your posts? Is it necessary? It's pretty redundant. 

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    I thought he was fantastic.  An excellent speaker with quick wit, was unfazed when things momentarily glitched, and exuded just enough "alpha geek" to have credibility.  If Apple is smart, he should be their go-to guy for public speaking.


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    On a side note - I'm wondering for how long they've been working with this presentation. Like a month or something? I imagine all of Apple goes into "keynote mode" the month leading up to a presentation.
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