problems with geforce 4 Ti

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i recently bought me a geforce 4 Ti, i immediatly installed it and in the manual they told me to install the drivers after i put in the videocard, so i put in the cd , open the installer for the drivers and then the problem starts, i cannot install anything, the only thing i can click on is "close"

first it hought it wasn't a big problem so i started playing my games, to my suprise i still experience graphical lag in the games, like for instance in ghost recon, with everything on maximum detail ( except the terrain detail is on medium) and a resolution of 1024*768. I think that this is not possible unless there is something rong, i mean a geforce 4 Ti should be able to run this without any problems i believe because its one of the best cards available right now.

i also tested the card with SOF II, MOHAA and return to castle wolfenstein and i also experience some lag, especialy in SOF II.

does anyone know what the problem can be and what i should do about it ? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    I guess you've installed it in a fairly recent machine. According to the Apple store, it requires a Power Mac G4 with minimum 4x Accelerated Graphics Port (4x AGP).

    Even with a fairly recent (but not a very latest) machine, I guess it's possible the limitation is the main processor rather than the graphics card.

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    hum thats strange

    i mean a 876 dual aint that much but i hink that its good enough to run those games without a problem

    because my buddy has aTIbook 1 ghz (single processor) with a radeon 9000 pro (64 mb) and he has no problems at all, so i got a dual procesor so that about a 1,7 ghz ( i ran a cpu test and it shows that the xtra processor add 98 % more speed ==&gt; 876 *2)
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    I'm not sure whether most games can actually make use of a second processor, even if they're running under OS X which can. Even so I'd have thought your machine would be fast enough though.

    Strange <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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