Possible for Wireless router to broadcast dialup?

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I have a wireless router but am still unable to get DSL/Cable as neither are available in my area. I *thought* I could just share my dialup connection over ethernet and plug it into the wireless router and have everything work. But it doesn't. Is this a possible thing to do? Or am I out of luck until I get Cable/DSL?




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    You can, I think, only do that if you use one of your computers as 'WAN server'. And this computer would have te be running Jaguar. What you would have to do: connect to the internet with the Jaguar computer, enable internet connection sharing in the Sharing preferencepane, plug that computer into the WAN port of your router. (or in the only port, if there is just one) connect to the network with the other computer, see if you can surf the internet with the other comp.

    Problem with this setup: you'll only be able to surf as long as the other computer is connected, and there'll be no way to get it up and running (not to say connected to the 'net) from a far.

    Well, try this, and let something know if you run into problems.
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    That's exactly what I thought would work. I've tried doing just that, but the router doesn't recognize that it is recieving an internet connection.


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    Actually, what you need to do is plug all of the computers into any port EXCEPT the WAN port. Using the WAN port and enabling Internet Connection Sharing do essentially the same thing (Network Address Translation) ie. the Mac with ICS acts like a cable router...oh, and you should turn off DHCP on the router (again, ICS will do that for you).

    Basically, you could do all of this with a switch/hub, you don't really NEED a cable router for it.

    But, the other poster is right, as far as I know, there is no 'dial on demand' in Jag, so your computer will have to be on and connected to access the Internet from another.

    (a lot of rambling, but I think everything is in there)
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    Yeah, the internet sharing works beautifully to the other computers wired by ethernet, that's not the problem. I can't seem to get the Wireless router to broadcast the shared net connection wirelessly. That is what I want to do, if at all possible.

    It's not a problem to leave the machine on and connect it up manually, that's what I have to do anyway... I use my PM as a software basestation, but was hoping for better range with the Wireless router. Of course, I can't get it to work.

    Anyway, thanks for the help guys

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    Ah, ok...

    Well, let's see...

    As long as nothing is plugged into the WAN port and DHCP is off, the cable router should just be acting as a wireless access point...if the physically connected machines work, the wireless ones should too (they do on mine anyway). A funky setting on the wireless part? It's not set up as a wireless bridge right? Can the wireless ones see e/o?

    Not really sure other than that...
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    Easy fix (if you got a few bucks) .... get an Airport, it has a built in modem that it can use to broadcast your internet over 802.11b

    (If you get a new "Extreme" Airport, you have to specifically order the modem - it's optional)

    I know most of you people hate to spend $$, but this is an elegant solution
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    Wow! It works just fine! I guess I was getting stuck on it having it's little internet sharing light light up... Cool. Thanks a lot guys!

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