Japanese customers brave typhoon in line for Apple's next iPhones



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    A good gesture from the apple store, yet another breakthrough for lines a week ahead of launch willing to wait through a typhoon.
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    I love Apple but not that much. LOL I'll wait a few days after the initial fuss is over, and the users reviews come in, before I buy the new phone.
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    Originally Posted by dnd0ps View Post


    When you think about it, Apple IS a Japanese company. The fanatical attention to detail, the amazing support, their stores even resemble Japanese Buddhist temples . 


    Simply put: No.


    Apple IS an American company. (Formally, in any case. Operationally, Apple is of course a global company, a multinational composed of people all over the world.)


    Apple's fanatical attention to amazing support originate in Apple's headquarters, with strong shaping by Steve Jobs. These points of origin are, by definition, not "Japanese." (Needless to say, fanatical attention to detail and amazing support can be found in companies and people outside of Apple as well. All over the globe.)


    Apple's stores do not resemble Japanese Buddhist temples.


    There's no ethnic / national element here. This is a nice story of people helping people.

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    Is it just me, but I really think the store is very beautiful! Love the glass elevator and the theater :)
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    "But but but but but Japan HATES the iPhone!”


    I’m waiting for 2008 to peek in the door again.

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