Let's show Apple we want a real upgrade for iWork, not downgrade

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Hi Guys


We are all not happy about what Apple has done, ignoring their real user needs and focus on downgrading for iOS compatibility only. there is an online petition, please support it




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    jumpin jesus on a pogo stick!!! more of this?

     I am sure Apple is working to make iWork as good or better than it was before. And Ill bet it takes time to make all of this work together as well as it can at the given time. 

    wah wah wah,

    you can still use the old version dude...

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    YOU do not speak for "ALL" of us.
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    Originally Posted by psifen View Post



    Be quiet.

    …real user needs…


    Want ? need.


    there is an online petition, please support it


    No. For these reasons.


    1. Online petitions are worthless. It’s the stupidest form of slacktivism.

    2. You don’t comprehend the slightest thing about iWork.

    3. I disagree with the content of the petition in every possible way.


    Now, when Apple returns said features to the desktop version (and gives them for the first time to the web and iOS versions), YOU do NOT get to claim that you were the reason this happened. Run along now.

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