I want to sync iTunes library across PCs & Macs at home

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I have a couple of PCs and about 3 Macs, one laptop that I have my music libraries on them. I want to keep them synchronized on all of my computers. Any organizational change I make (e.g. update album name, which will reorganize the folder structure) should automatically propagate to others. Also, any duplicates within libraries should get recognized and a better control over my itunes libraries across computers while merging them!


Also, we are a family and i would love to share my itunes library with my son and sister who use the other two laptops if i could set it up in some sense!


What's the best way to do that? Please suggest a solution thats not too expensive, free would be ideal but i dont mind spending a few$$ but shouldnt be as expensive as the cloud! 


And if I can access my home desktop from work, i could setup a master library at home so that I dont have to carry all of this load all around on my laptop! So if some utility or tool could help me with that as well, I would be on cloud 9! 


Please help...



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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member

    i am using a Synology NAS and running iTunes Media server.  It costs a few bucks, but is really great (and has a number of other benefits).  Also, if your mac's/pc's etc are just used at home, there's no need to have duplicates - just stream everything from the NAS.

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