"Digital Hub" - Thanks for clarifying, Steve.



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    Sorry guys but, I see a time when the TV will be very much in the mix. A good deal of the entertainment will be downloadable ( for a fee of course ). Much more than the quicktime trailers and if Apple's not careful sponsored by everyone's favorite company Microsoft.
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    [quote]Originally posted by geezer1:

    <strong>As for Apple pre-keynote hype - they lost me with this one. No matter what they do next time, they ain't got my attention no more.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Ditto that.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Nordstrodamus:


    Now, consider the alternative- a true digital hub. The computer easily interprets new sound standards (say Dolby 7.1 ) and sends them to the amp (which it can turn on and control) by firewire. All my television shows are organized like on Replay, but I can burn them to DVD or add additional firewire drives for more storage. The hub can stream them to any computer in the house by ethernet or airport (higher compression of course) as well as act as a file server.


    This is an awesome idea. Period. Unfortunately, Nebrie is right - the lawsuits would spring forth like so many insincere compliments from the lips of that cheap Tunisian hooker I "encountered" last weekend. Or, put simply: A lot of 'em. Big ones.

    Question: How could Apple do this without getting into the business of making satellite receivers, televisions, or audio equipment? All of these things have to talk to each other, right? I like your vision for what the Digital Hub could be, but is there any reasonable way to get there? It seems that component makers enjoy the status quo: every 2 years, audio junkies like you and I shell out $$$ for new equipment to keep up with technology. I think they would strongly resist any strategy by Apple that would make your stereo/tv/whatever upgradable.

    Just some thoughts.

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    [quote]Originally posted by MacGregor:

    <strong>So is TiVo a one way box where you can't somehow get at the output? It seems like TiVo isn't getting sued.


    Good point.
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