OS X B/W G3 problems - help?

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Hey folks. Have a problem here. I've tried installing OS X 10.1 about four times now on a G3 blue and white. The first time I tried, I had a brand new hard drive with nothing but OS 9.2.1 on it. That installation went fine, but upon booting, it went into a kernal panic. I have since un-installed OS X and all it's hidden files about four times, all ending the same way.

At my wits end, I unplugged everything in my computer and tried one last time. I now have only an ATI RAGE 128 (that came with it), the CD-ROM (that came with it), 512 MB RAM (most of which was installed afterwards) and a Quantum 40 gb hard drive installed.

Now I don't get a kernal panic, but a spinning disk icon in the corner of the screen with a smiling mac in the middle. It goes on forever and never gets past this point. The disk keeps spinning. The mac icon never changes.

Any clue what the problem could be?

Any help would really help. I'm quite saavy, but this is just strange...


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    You could try initalizing and partioning the disk. And then try to install both oses on diffrent partions.

    Or you could try taking out the memory and just leaving one stick and see if that works.
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