Steve Ballmer's loyalty to Microsoft will force LA Clippers to ditch Apple iPads



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    Ballmer will do to the Clippers what he did to Microsoft.

    Stack Ranking... perfect for a team sport... yeah.
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    Of course Balmer owes plenty to MS. Who else would have hired that Bozo.
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    $2B on a basketball team?!!?
    Nuf said!
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    haggarhaggar Posts: 1,568member
    Originally Posted by John.B View Post



    Microsoft paid the NFL US$400 million to use the Surface "iPads" for five years:



    Couldn't we also blame Apple for not making them a better offer?  It's not like Apple doesn't engage in product placement also.

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    Please move you and your team out of my town.

    But in fairness, had Steve lived to retire and bought a team, don't you think he'd have them use iPads? Oh, wait, they already would have.
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,924member
    haggar wrote: »

    Couldn't we also blame Apple for not making them a better offer?  It's not like Apple doesn't engage in product placement also.

    True but Apple doesn't need to spend that much for product placement. I bet most players use iOS devices anyway.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,734member
    So this will bump Surface sales up to triple digit levels. Woo hoo.
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    Those may be the only surfaces left in five years

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    The team will be losers - both on and off the court.
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    Absolutely petty.
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    Yep - this is how you "build a winner", Baldmore.


    And, as a courtesy, Microsoft will only use the Clippers Dancers in future Surface ads...

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    Stopping people from using certain products would actually increase their desire to use it more. If the products are good people will flock to it. There's no reason to enforce guidelines unless there's some sponsorship deals or contracts involved.
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    Funny guy now he'll have to hire a full IT team to fix the piece of C____
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    Near impossible to tell multi-millionaire athlete's what phone, tablet, headphones they can use. Especially since no one has ever tried to control that aspect of their life, ever... not a good way to bring in free agents. Not many want to play for some dictator controlling owner, when they can make big money elsewhere.


    Next thing he's going to hand out brown Zune's from his garage and not allow any other mp3 player.

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    Pretty nice dividend returns on $15 billion in stock.
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    Yeah, you do that, Ballmer.
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    The ex mircosoft Steve CEO is asshole. So I don't like him. The government are spying the people with windows phone and tablets.
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    Ballmer knows nothing about basketball and thinks he knows more about software/hardware than he does. He should just sit back in his suite and let the people who know what's up do their jobs.
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    iPad-like tools for everyone :D

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    After reading the article, all I can see is the monkey boy will be ensuring the clippers as a team/corporate entity will use windows products. Nothing about banning people from having their own personal items not used for team/work purposes.
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