"No, you probably can’t bend the iPhone 6 Plus. Unless you’re a bodybuilder."


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,472moderator
    Half a bodybuilder anyway, the bodybuilder at the link said he was using half his strength. There was a followup bend done in the street, like it's a travelling act now. Look out David Blane or whoever is doing the street magic rounds these days:


    It looked fairly easy to bend if you hit the right points. I could see how an accidental hard impact at the right point could skew the device. Gradual bending might cause a warp for some people. Until there are lots of people suffering from it, it's not a problem.
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    rf9rf9 Posts: 70member
    I agree. That traveling act looks like he's trying pretty hard while trying to make it look easy. The point is significant effort is being applied. Any less than someone would expect from normal use? Probably not.
    I guess accidents can happen a little easier on iPhones. Of course one reason to buy apple products is that they'll usully replace them in such an event, especially if you have Applecare+. Not that it means it's ok for phones to be underengineered, just that they back up their products

    Squaretrade insures these phones and if they are very prone to damage and claims, they won't unsure them or will charge higher premiums. If swuaretrade says it's good enough to insure then it's good enough.
    It's a shame that a weak point has been discovered in an otherwise well engineered phone.
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