MCX merchants restricted to CurrentC payment system, using Apple Pay incurs fines



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    Should be grounds to remove CurrentC from the App Store

    No CurrentC app on Smart phones their hostile action will be reversed

    Seems weird logic to say "we are going to block your mobile pay capability but here is our app we want to put on your App Store


    Bad plan. This would lead to all sorts of blowback.


    Far better to let CurrentC fail on its own.

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    Could CurrentC now utilise the TouchID API in it's app to provide an extra level of security? 



     How would this then be different to ApplePay other than it's [sic] tokenization.  

    It would still want direct access to your bank account since credit, and debit, cards are not yet accepted. And your SSN and driver license info, although someone today says that "they don't really want that". It would be a tokenized ACH transaction, and MCX would still have direct access to your bank account.


    If it's an app-based solution Apple should just reject the CurrentC app in the App Store when it is launched LOL

    Far better to let it fail on its own. Don't give MCX any basis for complaint about "unfair treatment" or whatever.

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