How do I make "Matrix" type text?

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Is there a way to randomly run text without manually typing it? I am making some DTP's and want to use "matrix" type text.

Also I am interested in running some UNIX code that will spit out information or running code so that I can capture it. I have thought about doing a dump file but I haven't used UNIX in so long that I am a little afraid to run command in the terminal (except fsck hehe)




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    This is a bit of a weird way to do it but eh, what the heck:

    open Terminal

    type /usr/bin/osascript

    (this will drop you into applescript)

    type the following:[code]set x to "1"

    repeat 10000 times

    set y to (random number from 0 to 1)

    set x to x & y as string

    end repeat</pre><hr></blockquote>Make sure you hit enter after each line

    Press 'cntrl-d' twice

    You should then have the text you need.

    Copy and paste into your fav illustrating program!
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    That worked great for the binary! Thank you. Is there anyway to change the script to display random alphanumeric characters?

    Thanks again

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    I must be bored today.

    Open the terminal.

    Type "pico random.c"

    Paste the following:


    #include &lt;stdlib.h&gt;

    int main(void)


    int i;

    char cur;


    for (i = 0; i &lt; 10000; i++)


    cur = (random() % 75) + '0';

    if (((cur &gt; '9') && (cur &lt; 'A')) ||

    ((cur &gt; 'Z') && (cur &lt; 'a')))


    printf("%c", cur);




    Hit control-x

    Hit y

    Hit return

    Type "cc random.c"

    Type "./a.out" if you want the characters to scroll by quickly on the screen, type "./a.out &gt; filename" if you want the characters to be saved to a file called "filename"

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    spookyspooky Posts: 504member
    Does anyone know how to do this as a graphic effect (in after effects or something)?
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