Nintendo plans to release 5 smartphone games within next two years



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Dumb move IMO.


    Nintendo is still living in the 90's


    They should just look at CandyCrush Saga and see the potential.  If a crap game like that can gross billions imagine what Nintendo's classic titles can command?

    Or Angry fucking Bird...or Flapping BS Bird...yup...earn tons of money.

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    Originally Posted by mubaili View Post


    only disgusting compa

    If follows that only disgusting company produces disgusting games; and we all know CandyCrush is a disgusting game; hence KING is a disgusting company. Period.

    The money they made wasn't disgusting. Get over it. Look at Angry Bird, the game was pure sh.tty but earned lotz of cash to. 

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    Originally Posted by PScooter63 View Post


    I wonder if, underneath the covers, this is about dragging their developers (kicking and screaming) beyond their own "walled garden".


    Someone already mentioned Super Mario.  Franchises including Zelda, Punch-Out, *Kart (racing), Paper Mario, and maybe Resident Evil series might stir some retro interest.

    Well, first they may have to beat Halo series, then talk.

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    Originally Posted by Evilution View Post


    Japanese people have killed themselves through honor. Going broke is nothing.

    And that's considered stupid in modern days. Life is precious. 

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    Originally Posted by fallenjt View Post


    Well, first they may have to beat Halo series, then talk.


    Excuse ME?


    Who are you referring to here?


    Mario Kart Wii alone has OUTSOLD the ENTIRE Halo and Gears of War franchise COMBINED with millions to spare.

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    fallenjt wrote: »
    Well, first they may have to beat Halo series, then talk.

    I'm so addicted to the Master Chief Collection right now.
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    dewinterdewinter Posts: 14member
    Super Mario Brothers Please . . .
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    dewinter wrote: »
    Super Mario Brothers Please . . .

    Exactly, that alone would make them billions.
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    ytseman3ytseman3 Posts: 33member
    5 games in the next 2 years... What the hell have they been doing the last 10 years? When will they release the next killer console?? Jeez.
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,304member
    How about Super Mario 64 or Donkey Kong as the first title. Loved those games. And how about a controller for the upcoming next generation of Apple TV?
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    ytseman3 wrote: »
    5 games in the next 2 years... What the hell have they been doing the last 10 years? When will they release the next killer console?? Jeez.

    Their next console is rumored to be coming next year:

    AAA developers like Nintendo tend to have more involved development processes than Indie games. They have to do quality assurance, register trademarks, arrange marketing. 5 games in 2 years is less than their DS and 3DS but they don't develop all the games they publish:

    They also vary in complexity. They have apps for recipes, brain training, Pokemon card games. Some of their own franchise games are developed externally.

    Nintendo is mostly supported by hardware sales so I expect they'll take a cautious approach in supporting mobile. They've mentioned PC support too. They could put some titles on the Mac.

    The other thing to consider is the controls. Nintendo said they were going to adapt to the touch screen so the games will be designed around touch and they said they wouldn't be porting over old games. I don't think they're going to go out of their way to make their own hardware platforms look less compelling.

    I think their next console will be a touch device like the Wii U gamepad but much more refined, slimmer, lighter and that there won't be separate mobile and console hardware. Like the Galaxy Tab 7 but with physical game buttons and they can even get another manufacturer like Samsung to build it for them and have supplementary controllers:


    The current iPhone 6 is just faster than the Wii U for graphics. The Wii U is roughly on par with the 360. The 2015 iPhone 6S will exceed this likely by 25-50% (graphics features are important too like HDR, tessellation etc) and the 2016 iPhone 7 will be faster again. The PS4 and XBox One are about 10x the PS3/360/Wii U so would still be about 5x a 2016 ARM-based tablet but all that power is just being used to boost visuals, resolution and frame rate. Nintendo doesn't need to do that. This can be a tablet that just sends video to a nearby TV wirelessly when necessary and when it needs to be mobile, just take it with you and the games are the same. They can have SD card (possibly proprietary) games for larger titles. If they used standard SD cards, they could ship multi-platform titles. Most of the game size is the media like textures and audio, which doesn't necessarily need to change between platforms so the executable can be for both ARM and x86.

    It would be nice to see them develop a controller for iOS but they said they planned to support touch and I don't think they want to invest in other platforms too heavily.
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    How many UNIQUE games has Rovio released since 2009?


    And all the level packs for Angry Birds don't count as separate games... they should have just been DLC in my opinion...

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    A 7" tablet form factor might be a bit too large if Nintendo's next device was the successor to the DS too. The 3DS is around the size of an iPhone 6 Plus so a 5" screen like on the Playstation Vita would be more pocketable:

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    The DS name comes from it having dual screens so that can't be used and there was confusion with the Wii U being a Wii accessory. The name Chii fits with the naming of the Wii and would represent small, unifying between the console and mobile and also the idea of not using brute force to beat their competition with another console.

    As mentioned above, the performance of these mobile chips in 2016 should be around 2x the Wii U. With 2-4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and some kind of card slot, it would be about $249.

    Nintendo sells more mobile units than console units and the game development is split between them, this way they sell to both audiences at once. The adaptor there is to connect to the TV like a Chromecast, which can be done in multiple TVs in the house. So if kids want to play on the big family TV, they just bring the device in and connect it, otherwise they either play on the device's screen or connect it up to a TV in their own room.

    The device itself doesn't have thumb sticks in the interests of making it pocketable. It has touch pads at the top left/right corners, which can also be pressed. There would be standard inexpensive controllers with thumbsticks if preferred and the main device attached to it like with the Moga controller:

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    Someone else made a mockup keeping the thumbsticks so if pocketability wasn't important, the thumbsticks can be kept on. This was intended to supplement a console but I think it's too expensive doing that:

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    You either put the money into the console box and end up with a touch controller that does nothing on its own or you put it all into the controller.

    The DS sold 154m units in 10 years and the 3DS did 50m in 4 years. The Wii U sold 9.5m in 2.5 years. So their mobile devices currently outsell their console devices by about 3:1. It's the other way round for Sony where their consoles vastly outsell their mobile systems.

    Using an ARM chip means they get software support similar to smartphones rather than the PPC chip in the Wii so Unreal/Unity games can target it. It would be able to run Android but possibly as a dual system to allow people to get access to a wide array of apps, games, TV content and a browser but have a proprietary OS to run games against to avoid piracy to normal smartphones. Having a proprietary SD card would help there too.
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