The thread for New PowerMac purchasers (Aug 13?)

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So I'm finishing up a year contract the first of Septemeber and will be starting a self/employment gig. I'm losing my 867 / 22" CInema Display so I'll be ready to buy when/if Apple announces new product. Hopefully the specs will be up to snuff, otherwise I'll buy the discontinued SKU's.

Who else is buying? new chi-chi is always exciting so let's 'talk about it.

If the leaked photos are real, I just hopw the case doesn't sound like a leafblower. i am also hoping for a 18 or 19 inch Cinema Display because i got very spoiled on the 22 incher. and the price break would help a lot.



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    I've got the money, just waiting for Apple. I'm replacing a PowerMac 7100 (very, very long overdue), so this is going to be quite an upgrade for me.
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    I don't have the money myself, but luckily my parents agreed to buy me a computer for college, which conveniently enough is this fall. If the new PowerMacs are really good then I will be getting one. If not, I'll wait longer, my Sawtooth is still working just fine.
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