Apple earns record $51.5B revenue on sales of 48M iPhones, 5.7M Macs



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    But I thought Apple was going down in a blaze of fire!
    Just shows you how the markets are rigged like the crisis that fu*** us up back in 2007.
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    By My Calculations Apple sold about $1.35-1.5 BILLION of Apple Watches.


    In the year ago quarter, before the Apple watch launch, revenues in the "other" category were at $1.9B  and had been on a downward trend of approximately -10% year over year.  Which places the "older" products sales around $1.7B 


     which is about 2.3-2.75 million watches (depending on the average price, and how the sales are divided among the models) could be as high as 3.4 Million (if the mix is overwhelmingly toward the sport model)

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