Review: Fourth-gen Apple TV with Siri Remote and tvOS App Store



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    I set my new Apple TV up yesterday. I was not really impressed and I love everything Apple. First, the HDMI was not comparable with my new Sony Brava 4K TV. It flat out would not work. I moved it to my Samsung 4K tv and it worked. I didn't like having to download and reconfigure all of the basic apps that worked on my prior Apple TV. Picture looks nice and I am sure the new interface will grow on me! At this point I am not sure I see the reason why you should upgrade? We won't play games on it and Siri can't seem to understand us....
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    The TOSLINK deletion is the biggest nonissue I've ever heard of. There is exactly 0 people planning on buying an Apple TV 4 to use as a dedicated AirPlay audio receiver. Well, maybe a few that are too stupid to know better.

    It doesn't matter because Apple makes TWO other devices that satisfy that particular need, and they're both cheaper than a $150 Apple TV.

    1) Airport Express, $99, supports AirPlay and TOSLINK, just need the mini adapter. By the way, it's also a decent router and printer hub.

    2) The last generation Apple TV, $69, with TOSLINK, remains on sale, and would be a great dedicated audio receiver... BONUS- It does video too.

    Lastly, 99% of homes have a/v equipment that doesn't rely solely on TOSLINK. HDMI is the de facto standard, as it is vastly superior. Using pass-throughs will either negate the need for TOSLINK or utilize one on a different piece of equipment. For that 1% where it is required, they make converters. Or just upgrade your equipment before purchasing a new Apple TV.

    Stop making a mountain out of ANT hill.
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    solipsismy wrote: »
    The Universal search doesn't seem, well, that universal. It won't search Home Sharing devices, which a lot of people have dedicated iTunes Libraries connected to their Apple TVs. Nor does it support thenew Plex app, but that might just be a limitation with Plex's development team at the moment; but not searching Home Sharing connected devices for content is all in Apple's court.

    The search will gradually improve over time... Part Apple, part devs as far as responsibility goes. I read that they definitely plan to expand it, but it probably requires a lot of backend infrastructure.
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    No iPhone remote,
    ahead of the times/ala carte content
    games pretty light right now but for me still a good buy
    faster processor ???????? & recycled our old 2nd generation to our upstairs TV
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    levi wrote: »
    Several kids were lined up to play games on the two TVs at the local store. TV sales as a mid-tier gaming device may be bigger than most are anticipating.

    Just got mine this afternoon
    My kids are all over the games on it
    Glad I bought the 64g version
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    Played with my new Apple TV last night.

    Setup was very easy and as I was only using Netflix (Australia here so no HBO or Hulu) it was very easy do

    I am also bucking the trend and say that the single line for the virtual keypad using the swipe is much better than the grid of letters...

    As for the other issues - they are going to be updated. Its going to take time and there will be corrections and changes.

    The potential of Apps to provide interactivity and give us unforeseen benefits (I'm downloading the virtual fireplace this evening!) is going to be THE game changer.


    The whining and 'I'm taking this back because is does not do x' will mostly be addressed in the coming months with software updates.

    I for one am enjoying what I have and look forward to what this could be...

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    Kinda funny that they mention the Zillow app. I've Airplayed the Zillow app to our TV several times when we were looking for a new home. Sometimes it's just easier to have the whole family look at photos on the TV then try and crowd around an iPhone or even laptop. It would be interesting to see what kind of interface adjustments they made to make it work well with just the simple AppleTV remote.

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    In my set-up, where the previous Apple TV audio out goes into a high end 2.1 audio system also used for playing music ( meaning instruments, not only recorded), the disappearance of the optical out is a deal-breaker
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    red oak wrote: »
    What a weak 'Cons' list. Two of three will be solved by software updates shortly

    Will be or may be?

    It's not a weak 'cons' list at all. Appleinsider needs to review the product as it is *right now*, not what it may become in the future.
    Software makes up a big portion of the features and user experience. What if apple doesn't create an iOS remote for another 3 years? We don't know, appleinsider doesn't know either.

    And, are u too poor to afford $149 to redefine your TV experience?

    It doesn't really 'redefine' it, rather 'enhance' it. And compared to the competitors out there, AppleTV is quite expensive without being drastically different.

    Still waiting for a dedicated TV set myself which boots into AppleTV as a standard with a good dedicated content subscription, preferably with 4K capabilities and A9X processor.
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    I bought the 64 gigabyte Apple TV, having owned the previous version. The changes are evolutionary and future updates should make this wonderful device even more compelling. And the SteelSeries Nimbus controller works flawlessly with the system.
    Worth the money.
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    Why couldn't you keep you're old one hooked up and use both... Worst case scenario, you might have to change a wire every now and then... Or get an had I to toslink converter.

    Or use a pass-through on some other unit (a tv or AV receiver with hdmi in and optical out)...

    I just don't get all the fuss of a dedicated audio port in this day in age.
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    I converted to iOS (or back then iPhone OS) and OS X computers in 2007. I've been a loyal customer and fan since then. I am very disappointed at ridiculous Australian pricing, exchange rate aside, we are being asked to fork out $60-$75 extra to US pricing for new AppleTV hardware with no discernible benefits for Australian users.
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    Good review,thanks. Just bought it yesterday and am delighted with The Plex app already... any comments on how Siri works (or does not work) multilingual? I.e. My mother tongue is Spanish, I configured the OS in English and I live in Switzerland (where my App Store resides).

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,584member

    The remote is more expensive in Europe and doesn't include Siri is most countries.


    It's even named differently here:






    That combined with the entry price of $197 (€179) here has put me off purchasing this box.

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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post


    The remote is more expensive in Europe and doesn't include Siri is most countries.


    It's even named differently here:






    That combined with the entry price of $197 (€179) here has put me off purchasing this box.


    It's the same remote control. SIRI function works only in US for now.

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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    I regularly find color balance issues when I use AirPlay for my photos: they look very different on my computer screen compared to my TV set. With videos, I notice it less.


    Does your TV set to PC mode on channel connected to ATV?

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    matrix07 wrote: »

    Does your TV set to PC mode on channel connected to ATV?

    I don't follow your question. Is my TV set to PC mode for any of my inputs? No. Is the input into the TV the same for anything I do with my @TV, whether it is AirPlay, streaming, etc? Yes.
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    shompashompa Posts: 342member
    4K omission:
    The problem is airplay and 4K.
    The A8 chip inside AppleTV4 have a H265 encoder and decoder.

    This is again a problem with Apple not controlling hardware on their PC line. Intel added H265 decoding with Skylake and Apple dont have skylake computers.
    (Airplay: Apple uses intel quick sync to encode picture/sound in real time to H264 for 1920x1080. To airplay 4K Apple really needs to use H265 because of bandwidth)

    We will probably see a software update for AppleTV4 to play 4K movies(games) at 4k/24/30hz. But first Apple need to have a computer lineup that support airplay, so iOS 10 /OSX 10.12 is a probable timeframe.

    If Apple finally could dump X86 and use ARM on their computers we could see some really fun products. Controlling the hardware and OS give a huge advantage like shown with iOS. If Apple made their own PC CPUs: H265 encoding/decoding would be standard. TouchID with security enclave. (I want a computer without passwords and instead each app launched is done via touchID = much more secure)

    BTW Apples pricing is insane. AppleTV4 costs upward 300 dollars in EU. A huge part is 25% VAT, but still Apple overcharge by 20%.
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    ^^^ Instantly blocked.
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    Well, my new ATV4 doesn't recognise my iPhone 6s, iPad Air or an Apple keyboard? It took ages to find the Homesharing network. It keeps going 'black' for ten seconds at a time and disconnects the network when you choose an App when playing music? NOT IMPRESSED!
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